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I want to know how this company can get away with charging me so much with no having no knowledge of it. The bedroom set was $1800.00 after all my payments it is gonna cost me $5179.00.

How is this legal? I never heard any of this when I was signing the papers. I am really thinking about hiring a lawyer. This is ***.

When I called they said, I am renting the bedroom set, till it's paid off, Are they kidding me? Does anyone else have this problem? I am so confused how they think they can get away with this.

Any comments will help, please please. Now I have to keep writing

Product or Service Mentioned: Furniture Set.

Reason of review: final price.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Final cost.

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I just got a basic matress , box sring, basic metal frame. No head board or anything else 8 months ago.

I gave 100 dollars down and 184.23 a month the total after taxes i was tols was 1,008.00 and that i only needed to make 8 payments to pay off that includes interest for renting it to own.. Ok fine.. Until the last payment i made the 8th payment mind you, my bank account got charged again. I started to look at the email from them and magically now it says i owe 6 more payments for a total of 14 payments..

I was like what the? So before next payment was due i told them to come and get the merchandise back, it still has plastic on it so no damage whatsoever.. So they say you are almost done paying this off you only owe 555 dollars left on it.. I am like what??

First i was told only 8 payments , then i was told 6 more with a whopping combined total of 2,679.22 dollars.. Now i only owe 555 dollars? Ok so then they say to help me out because i have nothing to pay this month they will refere my account to rent a center and get it dropped by half to help me out so i would only owe 277.50 that's all no interest.. And they will give me 6 months to pay it off at get this 120 a month..

Hahaha.. Like i am some kind of idiot.. 6 months at 120 a month is 720 dollars not 277.50.. I told them i appreciate the offer but no thank you..

Please come and pick it up.. We don't want to take your bed they keep saying but i keep telling them i don't want it please come and pick it up.. Now 9 days later they finally are supposed to send someone to come get it tomorrow or the next day because according to them they only schedule pickups on weekends which is funny because they are closed on the weekend.. So my advice on if you want to buy anything from them is make sure you are ready to pay triple what it is being marked up and sold for originally..

If you don't then don't go with them.. I just paid 1,573.84 for nothing.. No bed no nothing and that includes a 15 dollar a month club fee which you can't use for shinola.. To end up with nothing unless i want to pay another 720.00 which is just over double what originally was agreed on..

100% interest rate people.. Actually a bit more..

I don't even know if that is legal in CA.. But they are doing it regardless..


as mentioned earlier I'm also having issues called their customer care line they r closed on the weekends but the harassing phone calls keep coming and I was told this was a no interest program I have called Bob's customer care and explained the situation the lady I spoke to was very nice and said the whole thing is outrageous but there is nothing she can do but note my account I have to go thru acceptance now


I'm having the same problem I bought a couch set and a mattress for 2400 and when everything is said and done it's going to cost me almost 9000 i paid less for my car and if I'm a day late for my payment they start with harassing phone calls my phone my work and my references by only 1 day I've been paying for a yr now and not only paid for the furniture in full but 500 more

to nikki #1604378

I'm in the same predicament and giving up the furniture now, total loss!


My purchase of a 3 piece living room set and a 99.00 rug was 1199...They are charging me that plus fees and interest I just got it. With the final total being 2686.00 almost 3,000.00.

A total RIP off. The furniture is not worth all that.ive only had it a month and plan on giving it back because this is a scam.


I also had no idea it was renting

to Jeff #1604380

Same here


I dealt with this company thank God I’m done I was the same way that insurance you can’t use it the price of the furniture each time u make a payment you are recharged the tax every month if your total is 3000.00 each month you pay the same tax even though you paid it the first time. I don’t know if you know this but you sign a paper for arbitration which mean there will be a neutral person who would decide the case you can’t participate in a class action law suit against them


I am trying to understand the same. I never new I was renting.

Waiting for a phone call from district manager. Will not pay one penny more.

They call me and harress me and tell me I stole the furniture. I am about to call the state attorney .


Acceptance now is so BS! I purchased a sectional sofa and the original cost is $1074.00!

I was asked to put a down payment fee (rental agreement) of $400.00 and I still $1600.00.

When finish paying for this furniture it will cost me at total of $2,473.00. This is absurd this company is taking advantage of people and must stop today!!!

to GRWilliams #1565875

This is me right now. I don't understand none of it!


I just got off the phone with the store manager....It apologies to me saying that they changed their policy....I told him that it doesn't matter...If you don't notify your costumers and give them the option to agree with the terms...You are actually creating fraud..Cause! you know that you are going to sock it to them with the 10.00 per mo.

after they signed the paper work...So, it doesn't look too high at the time of signing..... So, once you got them into an agreement. You later add the 10.00 cause most likely its a little harder for them buy into your lip service agreement. Again!

how much of that 10.00 is for my T.V insurance? Its a rip off... My apartment insurance for (2) T.V, Stereo, Appliances, furniture and all is under 22.00 per month.

So, to have RAC, charge a whole 10.00 for only (1) tv is highly questionable. This all spells a Class Action Law Suit.

to Anonymous #1537573

That’s the what I’m thinking A class Action Law Suit How does one go about getting into effect?? I have had enough I’m tired of calls and no satisfying results

to E Williams #1583454

I have the exact same problem and I now have found out many others do. However no class action is allowed you probably presigned 3rd party arbitration papers at the time of purchase


I just found out that RAC, was charging me $10.00 extra per. month on this insurance thing?

I miss placed my contract for over a year until now. My monthly payments where suppose to be 108.53 instead they have been charging me $118.53. I noticed it the very first time they told me that I was being charged the 118.53 it was last year...A lady name Michelle, said to me that it was due to the billing cycle and taxes... So, I went along with it without any further questions?

Until now. That's 240 more they are trying to get from me....I truly wonder how much they are keeping in regards to the 10.00 ?

perhaps 5.00 and the other 5.00 is going to the insurance company...SO, if you X's it by the 1000's of customers who actually signed on board....that's a lot of money.... Also, I didn't sign up for it as well......They sure do have a lot of explaining to do.


We should form a group and get together against this legally. hey have done the same with me.


I’m going through the same issue right now. The lady gave me a signature pad which was blank and told me what I was signing for.

She said,” you will make these 198 dollar payments until the bed is paid up in a year that’s with all fees.” I signed... a year has gone buy and the manager showed me some contract I never seen or signed.

I should of asked for papers that day I signed up but didn’t think a. Company like that would something like blindside people


I’m in the same situations right now!


Semi-legal predators.... they don't properly explain that it's a rental.

They're saying "interest" & "rental fees" at the same time. No one gives you that moment of clarity until it becomes a rental not fully understood by you. A year after our "alleged rental agreement" started only about $300 went towards the purchase when about $2600 was paid (now far more than the original cost w/ tax). If I want out I now have to instantly find $1800.

They should be made to show you what the total bill will cost that day if it's not paid in 90 days. I didn't know how much the total cost was until my credit report was pulled months later and I couldn't explain the $6000+ that I owed someone. But predators prefer to rob the poor. They're the best customers.

I pray it's one of those companies that go under for bad practices. Bottom line NO THEY ARE NOT UPFRONT NO MATTER WHAT THEY TRY TO CLAIM.


I can testify that they aren't totally truthful my furniture was $1,500 I put down $498 my payments were 155 68 for two years that's what I was told when I mentioned to them that payments were still reflecting for the following year after paying two years they stated I have another year to pay my total cost would be over 6000 dollars I had already paid 4280 I am also seeking help to stop this predatory lending and falsification of information been given to Consumers

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