I want to know how this company can get away with charging me so much with no having no knowledge of it. The bedroom set was $1800.00 after all my payments it is gonna cost me $5179.00.

How is this legal? I never heard any of this when I was signing the papers. I am really thinking about hiring a lawyer. This is ***.

When I called they said, I am renting the bedroom set, till it's paid off, Are they kidding me? Does anyone else have this problem? I am so confused how they think they can get away with this.

Any comments will help, please please. Now I have to keep writing

Reason of review: final price.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Acceptance Now Cons: Final cost.

Location: 1501 Wesel Blvd, Hagerstown, MD 21740, USA

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Hey everyone, What kind of papers did you actually sign? Because I know for sure that I did not agree nor sign these "rental agreements". They just send already "signed" documents to my email with forged electronic signatures under my name.


How about the first 30 days getting charged three to four separate times for items that were canceled? I didn't even get a chance to be late.

The item I purchased was not even in stock you never got delivered and hasn't yet been delivered. So I am going after Bobs and acceptance now and I have a lawyer has nothing to do with the 90 days it has to do with being a scummy slimy company that's what it has to do with. Called MORALS called UNLAWFUL BUSINESS PRACTICES CALLED ILLEGAL!!

I was told by an attorney friend of mine to call your local police department which I'm doing on Saturday and you have the girl arrested that sign the contract checks with experience or the local credit bureaus they will have when acceptance now only phone number I actually called the stupid girl and she told me she opened it gone in my name and paid for it she put down it's like $10 or something can you believe how stupid she is to tell me that I said to you know that that's fraud and identity theft and something else I forgot escapes me at this moment fraudulent contracts or something like that but I'm having her arrested can I am suing Faed Mitchell CEO owner of Acceptance Now. I'll have to end up siting Bobs as well since they house and approve basically employ Acceptance Now on their premises.


any update?


Wait I totally have these idiots wait till you hear this one I manager couldn't figure out how to close my Kate off furniture that they overcharged Me by about $600 which I have reports to the FTC just today you're not even going to believe what she did she forged my name on a new contract and put $6 down on the same Furniture I've already overpaid by $600 and get this the *** reports it to the credit bureau so there is no way she can lie and say no I didn't open a contract in her name & forge her name illegally. Next week I'm calling the local police and sending them there to arrest her for identity theft forgery anything else I can think of I have a letter going to Mitchell Bharat the CEO and owner of Rent-A-Center con me now.

And I am going to notify him I'm taking legal action against him his company this manager and Bob's Furniture. Yeah I'll settle not for less then 5 figures though.


How about I paid my early pay off payment in full. And they STILL took my monthly payment and Boone seems to be able to locate it. Even though I have confirmation emails proving that they took both amounts


Has your problem been fixed? On August 18th I paid off all my furniture for early pay off two days later my monthly payment came out and I called and they say they have no record of me paying off the furniture. It's still not fixed yet.


how about this one I purchased an item for $400 I paid them $1,500 so far and they're still looking for a payment the part of my furniture was cancelled because of covet 19 so guess what I need to prove to these losers that I already paid them $1,500 they have knowledge I paid them $700 and yet they're looking for a payment on an item that's $400 please someone open up a class action lawsuit


Yes i am ready for that


Let me know I'm in!! CEO Mitch Bahati I believe.


I had gotten a tv threw big Sandy's (acceptance now) on march 30th the tv was junk so I took it back April 7th I had to get an attorney yesterday they have been pulling payments out of my account since march and will not stop every time I called it was we didnt get the tv back or your not in our system or someone will call in 24 hours when I call back they tell me everything is backed up do to covid 19 straight bs. Get an attorney.


I am in law School so LET ME AT EM!!!


OMG we need you!


Yes!! I was told my automatic payments were set up to pay off in 120 days and today they tell me the 120 days was up 4 days ago and that I can now pay double what I owe or make monthly payments for 7 months which will make my original 400 bill go up to 1100.

This is ridiculous I told them they set up the automatic payments nobody told me there was a balloon payment of 100 or I would of paid it.

All they kept saying is I should read my contract more and there’s nothing they will do. They are so crooked such bad business ethics and they litteraly don’t care at all


Bought a couch set for around $1500. Set up automatic payments, assuming that at the end of the 90 day period I would be automatically charged for the remaining balance.

Instead got another charge for the same monthly payments I had been making. Couldn’t get ahold of anyone due to COVID shutdown. Tried logging onto their website using my agreement number and email. The same email Value City used to contact me on two separate occasions.

AcceptanceNow’s site said my account was not registered. Okay. Finally get ahold of someone after shutdown ends, after they’ve charged me an additional $430+ over the value of the couch set. Lady tells me that bc I didn’t pay off the remaining balance at the end of the 90 days, I now owe an additional $2300 due to “fees.” I said there is no way in God’s green earth I would have agreed to this, let alone NOT made the final payment if I’d been made aware of this.

“Sir, it’s in the agreement we emailed you.” On the agreement form I was given with my initials on it, there are multiple fields where the woman I dealt with entered info. My name, the date, the monthly payment amount, etc. THE EMAIL FIELD IS BLANK. How can I be beholden to a contractual stipulation I was never made aware or approved of?

These people are crooks. The same type of predatory lending that enabled the sub-prime lending crisis and the Great Recession.


The same EXACT thing happened to me!!! I thought I was done and the representative assured me I would be and then they say I had a balloon payment I had to pay to get the cash offer and because I didn’t I now owe double!!


If enough people start siting things against Bobs as well or the furniture company that you purchased it from that is what's going to wake them up acceptance will keeping being unlawful and slimy but Bobs doesn't want their reputation ruined and I'm not sure where everybody else got their Furniture but those companies don't want their reputations ruined so you have to go after the deep pockets and the deep pockets is BOBS SO THAT'S who my Action will be against 1st since I wouldn't have known about Acceptance Now if I wasn't at Bobs would I . that's where the action starts that's who will be named 1st. Siting Bob's Furniture & Acceptance Now.


I'm so sorry this happened to you. It happened to me as well.

There call centers were shut down during covid. I finally got a hold of someone in May at the store. They showed no empathy or sympathy. They were so rude.

I finally received a call from the district manager he wasn't willing to help me. I asked for his boss he said he could not provide me with a number.


Same here it’s bs I got couches for $1400 on my credit days my loans just under $4000 bs again then I paid on time every month I’ve had it since oct and when I made my payment feb she said I still owe $1400 that’s bs I been paying almost $250 a month and they are rude as *** I wanna put a stop to this because I don’t need this on my credit or them charging my account no more I made all my payments and refuse to repay for the furniture all over! I’m trying to build my credit not screw it up!


I paid off my account. They reported that my balance went up 140 dollars.

They stopped reporting my balance on my credit report 3 months before I paid it off.

Still battling with them. Attorney general is next to here from me.


I have been battling with them for three years. My account was paid in full and my credit report is showing a balance of $2349. I dispute it with proof and they still won’t remove it.

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