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I went to conns in 2015 to get a mattress cause I was newly married trying to get my credit going so I could buy house. I financed a mattress, never had a late payment for the first 2 Years then I got very sick due to a rough pregnancy.

(I do want to say that somewhere alone the way my account was switch to rooms to go) there was a man named Ken that would literally call me EVERY DAY! Leaving super long voicemails about how I was late and fees that would Acquire if I did not pay soon. I called and set up an arrangement to pay off my balance in full explaining to KEN that it would help me to get a monthly payment off me. He was still rude saying things like “you don’t have $20 to put towards it now” I held up my end of the deal and I paid my stuff off in full.

Now my credit has dropped cause they reported that I closed my account when I really paid it off. They are haunting me being very rude when I try to ask them why it’s appearing negatively on my side saying that everything is “good” on their end. I paid over 4,000 for this mattress for it to not even help my credit. I referred sever friend to them who are having the same issue.

I will never ever finance anything through CONNS, ROOMS TO GO, OR ACCEPTANCE NOW again! They are Horrible, and *** people who don’t give a *** about their customers just their money.

I will continue to post reviews over and over again on all of the google pages. Have a great day!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Location: 4851 Citylake Blvd E, Fort Worth, TX 76132, USA

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Good. Post your reviews.

Make sure you tell the truth by your own admission.

YOU were late making payments as YOU stated. As such, that was properly posted to your credit report!

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