I’ve read a whole bunch of reviews and it’s mostly from customers who don’t read the contracts. If you guys actually sit there and read it and pay attention instead of rushing out you guys would understand.

IT IS A LEASE TO OWN there is a 90 day same as cash from when the agreement starts if you pay it off within the 90 days you pay what the furniture is and 12% leasing fee if you don’t pay off within the 90 days there is no penalty but a third of your monthly payments goes towards insurance and LDW and a third of it goes towards the balance. If you get approved for $2250 for 30 months you have 30 months to pay it off you don’t have to take it out for 30 months you can pay it off whenever you would like but if you take it out for the full 30 months you will be paying more than the furniture because again it’s a lease to own program not something free. And if you are past due they will call your home and cell number, they don’t call references until the 7th day same as employment. If you owe credit cards or any company money they would call your home and cell just like ANY OTHER COMPANY.

If you can’t pay on that day all you have to do is call them and give them a day when you can pay so they can put that in their system instead of having to call you every day. Don’t dodge their calls and they won’t have to keep calling you.

And yes they will call you because they need their money just like any company. Read the contract and listen to the sales associate.

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If the sales associates said something the day you were purchasing your furniture and after the 90 days they tell you something else. What do you have to do?


Thank you. That's exactly what I was thinking.

Acceptance Now does tell its customers how the options goes but it seems like people don't listen when going over the forms. I work at one and there was a person whi started texting in her phone when I tried to go over the agreement with her yesterday. Also, I enjoy my job because it's a laid back atmosphere and it helps people build credit, but I hate calling them twice daily, and if we can't get in touch with them, then we have to call their references.

As you said, if they would stop ignoring our calls and explain why they haven't paid and when they can, then we can put it in our system and not have to call them. We'll help you as much as we can but we need you to stay in contact with us.

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