I was out of town and had a promise to pay so I sent my son in to make a payment on 07/21/17. He spoke to Sherry when he got there and I had just talked to her on the phone and told her to take certain so called benefits off the account.

My so arrived and instead of taking the payment that WE had discussed over the phone she goes in to tell him about the benefits that I would be losing which was none of his business because it is NOT his account. Not to mention I called and told them I had become unemployed and was never offered the paperwork for that so called benefit, in fact when I asked about it I was told I would not qualify without them even hearing what happened. Later that day I received a call from Clint who is supposed to be a manager or regional manager who was NO help at all. All he seemed to want to do was make excuses for this employee when ALL she had to do was simply take the payment.

I did use a curse word when talking to him and it seemed as if he was going to attempt to correct me but I hung up the phone. DON'T try to correct the customer sir correct your employees. Anyway I called the store after calling a 800 number to inquire about the unemployment benefit. I called the store and asked for Judy and she said she would print them off and I could stop by and return them.

After thinking about the whole situation I called on 07/26/17 and told them that they could just come and pick the items up. Customers are the bloodline of any business and without them a business has NOTHING!!

I have NEVER came across a business that did not want to take a payment. They are awful in their little space inside Colfax Winston Salem, NC, very rude and unprofessional and as I told them on the phone I would NOT give them another dime of my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Acceptance Now Cons: Way i was treated and talked to.

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so you were able to return the item


Curious as to where you see anything stating unable to return item????

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