How do you charge people all these fees and interest? You’re paying back triple.

Then they attach all kind of fees along with the high interest. After two payments I became frustrated with how they harass you so I went to do a payoff immediately. These bastards told me I had to make payments...yeah so they can collect more interest. I made a $594 payment and balances moved by $60 only.

I became furious. I still had a payoff of $2800. These people are a joke and need to be closed down. Not one positive review but they don’t care.

Haha I saved a man though and they lost that sale. Lol Oh and my payoff was in dollars and coins.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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You need to educate yourself on how loans work. You sound like an idiot.


Hello I just wanted to say that this program is not a scam the problem is people don't understand it when there signing there agreements so let me clarify it. You have three options to pay off the first is the 90 day option you pay a straight 12% interest off retailers cost the best way to do this is make your first two monthly payments and pay the remainder in the third month or you can double or your monthly payments and break it up that way you can't make random amounts has to be in multiples of your monthly payment.

If you can't pay off in 90 days then you can pay off any time your lease ends your given a schedule which shows you your payoff amount for each month till end of lease you should only make a regular monthly payment until you have saved enough to pay off within that month because if you make double or triple payments at this time your just paying the interest ahead of time and yes if you make every payment to the end you will pay almost triple. The same is true with any financing car house credit cards etc so see it isn't a scam it's a lack of knowledge.

I work there and see it every day people trying to rush through the signing because they have some where to go or texting while your trying to explain it but then it's our fault when they don't understand it. I can't stress enough you are the consumer it's your money pay attention and read your documents and ask questions

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