They are a bunch of *** artists...I went there to get a refrigerator that I NEEDED and was told it would be in the following week... they will call to set up a delivery time...ok no call so I called them only to hear I'm not scheduled for delivery..

they wouldn't get my refrigerator in to next month..again I told them I need one now...so about 20 minutes went by with them trying to sell me hope so I asked for my money back which they proceed to say it's non refundable you are more than welcome to find something else in the store... WTH...the list goes on they are just HORRIBLE

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I have used Acceptance Now in the past and they have horrible customer service. The staff lie to you about everything.

They harass you for the payments when you tell them you are going to come in on a certain date, the day of the payment they start calling you before you can make the payment. I paid over $900 for a $290 mattress.

I paid them off and the Acceptance Now still lied to me about my next agreement. If you avoid them, it would be best to try and go somewhere else.


Why would a finance company pay out on an item that was not in the customers hand? You charged a customer before they got the product?

To the person that wrote this. If you do not have your item contact your bank and dispute this. You have full rights to charge this back to them.

A true finance company will NOT pay out until the item is delivered and a confirmation has been made on that. If not they are not following the NACHA guidelines.


Hi there, I work with Acceptance Now. We really hate to hear this type of feedback, and we'd like to speak with you in order to see if we can help clear things up.

Whenever you have time, please give us a call at 1-800-422-8186. Thank you.

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