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They wont let you pay debt off to keep sucking you...very intrusive don't fall for anything they tell you. It's best to buy your product cash than to fall into this trap.

They wont tell everything out front until you have signed all the paperwork, workers keeps pushing for you to buy more seems to be on a commission.

it's a gimmicks they tell you they will report a larger quantity of money spent to the credit borough I don't think that is even possible or right. Again you could be desperate wanting to get something but this is not the way to go

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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We do not work on commission and it is not a gimmick. We over a service that gives you 3 options to pay.

The first 90 days is your cheapest option a straight 12 percent interest on the retailers price. If you choose not to pay within the first 90 days it prorated back into a lease and you can pay off any time before lease ends. The third option which is most expensive make every payment to end of lease. It is up to the consumer to pay off as quickly as they can to pay less interest.

True with anything you finance.

Yes we do report to credit bureau the larger amount because that could be what you pay if you chose third option. So as you can see no gimmick it is just a consumer choice

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