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Acceptance Now was with HHgreg before the store closed. Now in Rooms to go.

Yes, acceptance is awful. Im about to pay of my account with them.

Im waiting for that company to make a mistake with my account. I will never ever again in my life deal Acceptance now.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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At first this option seemed helpful to me. Credit score increased and all.

I went ahead and paid it off before the 90 days was up because i didn't need another long term commitment making payments. Less that 2 weeks later i get an alert from my credit monitor saying my credit score went down. I'm like "why?" Because i know I've paid careful attention to everything. They reported my account as CLOSED to the credit bureau instead of PAID.

Instantly dropped my score 20 points and I'm right in the middle of a home purchase. So much for their program HELPING me.

I guess i got out too soon to get screwed with payments so they got me another way. I'm not happy!

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