We received at least 2 to 3 calls a day from RAC. They had called for a week and a half when we finally were able to make the payment.

We were only 3 days behind when the phone calls started. My wife was in the hospital for a week, she had major surgery a few months ago and had some complications from that surgery. So with all the other expenses that we have now, we need to wait for payday to pay some bills.

They even had the nerve to call references, how embarrassing is that? I will never do business with RAC again, I would rather find another way.

Location: Orlando, Florida

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I HATE PPL WITH THEY SMART *** COMMENTS LIKE WAIT TILL U CANT AFFORD some people like myself can I wait till they can afford it my computer broke and my son needed it for his school I ready and other things of the sort so I had no choice but to go and put down on a computer and now I'm getting harassed you sound like a freaking idiot to the person that left the last comment wait till you can afford it good God almighty I'm sure Mary had an excuse and issues in her life you're not the real Mary and you're not God


All these people have so many excuses and issues going on. The lesson here is to wait until you can afford the item


I totally understand how you feel. They start calling me on my due date.

I ignore them because they are the most unprofessional people I have ever met. They are running a mafia style scam by having you pay 3 times the amount of the furniture by the time you are finished with your payments. I was in a tough position and had to use them, but I am disgusted with the fact that they are OK with doing business this way.

I would never use them again.



Why didn't you just answer the call to tell them that?


"Only 3 days late" is still late. Whenever you can't pay a bill for whatever reason, you need to call the creditor and explain the circumstances and when they can expect your payment.

Most will work with you and will even waive any late fees.

However, simply not paying, as you did, will result in collection calls and attempts to track you down by calling your references. Hopefully you will communicate and make better choices in the future as all of this could've been avoided.


anyone interested let's sign the petition against acceptance now




This company is really a bunch of thieves they told. You one price and before you finish paying the price double the customer their stink we bought a stove top at Hh Gregg acceptance now I called to pay it off they shout at you like you're *** I trying put a petition together this is abuse on the customer it must stop! !!!!!!


They did the same thing to me I contacted the BBB and the attorney general office and file a complaint against them also have a pending lawsuit because the keep calling my friends from the reference I gave them my friends are very upset don't just do nothing call the attorney general office and the BBB and your layer if they continue to harras you..


I dont know what to do with these people or who to call! But there has to be some because rac acceptance is way out of line.

I tried explaining to them that my mother had just passed! My mother! And that i had to come out of pocket for funeral expenses you think they cared? NOooo!!!!

And thats when they started harassing my references! Not only is that embarrassing but they should be ashamed of themselves.

They honestly made my grieving that much worse never again! If someone knows of a lawyer i would really appreciated.


Our payment was due on the 15th of the month. They called us the same day.

I couldn't believe it. If the payment was one day late they would call 5 times a day to both my husband & I. Called references & employers too. Most finance companies have at least a 10 day grace period.

Not these people.

I hope that one day they are shut down. I am going to be reporting to the BBB & our Attorney Generals office.


Hi, I work with Acceptance Now and I’m sorry to hear you feel this way about your experience. While it’s important to make sure to make your payments on time, we’re always happy to work with our customers to establish a flexible payment schedule should unforeseeable circumstances such as this arise.

Please give us a call at 800-422-8186 as soon as you get a chance so we can see what we can do to help you and your family out. Thanks!


If you read the paperwork you signed off on, it clearly states that your references will be called if you fail to pay on the renewal date. All you had to do was pick up the phone and make a commitment.

That would have stopped the calls. Now if you broke that commitment, they start calling again. This is a renewal agreement. It's not like a credit card.

Your payment is due on the. 1st or the 15th. You also agreed to let the store know in advance if you were going to be late.

You have 3 days to contact the store before they call your references and job. So perhaps you should have just taken their calls.


Or perhaps they should not harrass people. We were not able to read our contract at the store..we were rushed thru it all.

Calling references is unacceptable, what do they think the references will do? Pay the bil?

There is a difference in being professional & harrassement. These people are harrassers & liars.


That's your fault. You should have taken the time to read the fine print.

I bet if someone owed you money and didn't communicate with you about being late on a payment, you'd be calling them, their mom, and their boss trying to get your money. Pay your bills on time and you won't have a problem. Your credit is obviously poor, yet you act like you're doing them a favor by leasing with them.

They're the ones doing you a favor. Pay up.


Nope!! I call ***.

I made a commitment and they called me six times a day anyway.


They call me the day before the weekly payment is due and my references before the payment is due. It doesn't bother me tht they call me but my references ask they stop calling them. N they don't call once a day, they call several xs a day and they aren't supposed to be able to call over once a day.

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