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I've used acceptancenow 3xs through value city furniture. The process is very simple. Pay it off in 90 days ( not 91 or 95 lol ) and you pay zero interest. Pay it off after 90 days and your basically charged double ( depends on your contract terms. My was double)

For example, you buy a bed for $500 on Jan 1st. You have until March 31st to pay $560 or etc.

If you pay after 90 days for example after 6 months with a $100 per month payment. You'll pay $600 for the 6 months. Then you subtract 50% of your payment (600-300 = 300). Plus add an additional $200 ( 500 (original Liam amt) - 300 ( 1/2 the payments you made)) for a total of $800 for the item.

I always pay mine off in 90 days. If you go past 90 days it's a bad deal.

They also aren't responsible for rude people in the store or movers damaging things. They are the finance company. That's it. The store who sold you the item is responsible for that. They aren't responsible if you call in on the 91st day to pay in full. That's not what the contract says. It said 90 days same as cash. Not 91 days

My advice read the contract & ask all the questions you need until you feel comfortable that you truly know the true cost. Also only finance what you can afford to pay off in 90 days.

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Exactly so they are still crooks

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