Bloomingdale, Illinois

First to all the people who give negative reviews.... If you would read the contract or google what the company is then you would know what to be careful for. If you purchase something and that's anything for that matter minus a car or a home you should NEVER buy it if it can be paid off in full within 3 months.

I have purchased and paid off 3 things with them in the past several months with no issues or complaints.

If you listen to what THEY say you would know it would be in YOUR best interest to pay off whatever item you purchase in the first 90 days because the interest is high.

They are part of the Rent-A-Center family so you should know the deal.

Word of the wise if you are unable to pay off what you plan to buy in 90 days then you might ask yourself isn't this why I am stuck using a high interest rate company like this in the first place.

Also for the people that say you bought a 3000 item and after 7 months of 200 dollar payments haven't you ever thought that you are at a set amount of payments for 1-2 year and that the first half of ANY loan in primarily interest payments. Its not like they keep adding interest its just that the second you go past that 90 days the actual installment part of the contract kicks in and lists both the current buyout and REMAINING payments on your contract left.

Reason of review: Fast order processing.

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