Update by user Aug 28, 2017

Update - After a pick up date was scheduled with the police, they still didn't show to pick it up, nor did they call. I called to update the police, he went down there, and nothing was ever scheduled.

What a joke! You are filing against me, but you can't even bother to schedule anything?

Update by user Aug 25, 2017

Almost 2 months later this is still not resolved. I have documented over 20 phone calls that I have made to the corporate office to file complaints against the ones in this store that I have dealt with, including the operators ID# and received several Ticket #'s.

Every time I am told that Dennis the General Manager will call you back with in 2 hours. He never calls. I honestly think he is not real at this point. So now no one will call be back, they have never shown up to pick up the bed when scheduled, and as of yesterday they filed grand theft on me???!!!!

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? I explained everything to the police and another pick up date was tentatively scheduled pending confirmation from the warehouse. I have yet to hear from them. I did contact the police and let them know that I have not been contacted.

This is ridiculous! How can a company run like this?

Original review posted by user Jul 13, 2017

I bought a bed with Acceptance Now. I just wanted wanted to pay it off in a couple months, so they put me on the 90 day program.

The bed was a total of about $800 (Although no paperwork they produced ever said the price of the bed). In fact, no paperwork that they gave me stated anything corresponding to what I had agreed upon. When it was delivered, it was missing pieces, and was not safe for my child to sleep on. After having to take the day off work to wait for them to deliver, I was not willing to take another day for them to bring what they should have in the 1st place.

After about 3 hours of trying to get a time that they would be delivering, they mentioned that I was going to have to pay another delivery charge. B****S****! I told them I was not paying any delivery charges, they then informed me that they could not take any chars off of my bill. At that point we decided the hassle was not worth it, and cancelled the whole thing.

It took me another 6 phone calls and 3 more hours, and then me going down there in person before they would cancel it. They told me they were waiting on a phone call from shipping to get it scheduled (they had been telling this for the past 5 hours now. At that point I dialed the shipping number on my cell phone and put it on speaker. I was not at all surprised when the office was closed.

This was not the 1st time that I had caught these people in a flat out lie this day. I asked the woman face to face if she had planned on telling me the same line of "I am just waiting for that phone call, they should call any minute now" knowing that the office is closed and that phone call is not coming today? She said "Yes Ma'am" At this point I am beyond pissed. Finally got everything canceled and got my refund.

Now I pulled up my credit report and they put that I had $2209 and 17 months of payments?

Now I am having to dispute that. What a fraudulent company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: All of the above! Bad customer service, problems with delivery, processing issues, return problems, Definately not as described, pricing issues..

Acceptance Now Cons: Any part of dealing with them.

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