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I have just read the reviews about this company. It talks about ripping customers off, charging them ever after they signed the contract for 90 days with no interest.

I just got credit through them and I ordered a couple of dresser and mirror.I was told I would have to pay $145.62 by September so they couldn't ad more interest to my account.Now after reading the reviews I'm afraid that this same thing will happen to me. Can you give me some advice? Cause if this is true than I encourage all consumers who have been lied to & taken Advantage to file a law suit ASAP. This is really sad for the consumers.

I don't want this to happen to me. Maybe everyone nees to conact consumer affairs & BBB, so that other consumers aren't lied to. How legit is this company. Please advice me what I need to do before it's to late.

I made a purchase on 6/03/2018 after I qualified for a loan. Would you reccomend I pay off this account ASAP and no longer to puchase from them If all the reviews are true then this is a trap & could ruin my credit.

I'm paying this off in 90 days. I will take all advice!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Not sure if I was lied by Amy & Tony. Tony has bad customer service and not really impressed because of his customer service. I hope that all the reviews I have read aren't negative and that Ashley Furniture is be truthful and not a lie or a scam..

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Take you beginning balance, divide by three and round up. That is what you need to pay within 90 days to save paying the interest.Now, if you can actually do that, you really shouldn't have financed something to begin with.

Save up for your next purchase and pay cash. Makes life so much easier.


Advice...Sure1-Don't buy on credit.... Save up or do without.2-Do not go to any outfit that has "acceptance" in the name.

They will charge high interest.3-Be smart enough to not sign anything you don't understand. If you did, you wouldn't be here.


Manager is a jerk acceptance now / mor furniture is a RIP off

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