I could go on and on, and on about this company but I'll make a long *** story short. It seems like you all know not to do business with them.

Sorry but I'm a former employee started off working in a store harassing people in the nicest way I possibly could then got the position i had been waiting on which was a collector basically the same job but way worse. I went into some horrible neighborhoods and risked my life for these {{Redacted}} and was face to face with the people that they were calling harassing twice a day, morning and evening. Saturday Dec 16th I went in to work picked up my van and was about to do my runs for the day I felt a funny feeling while driving on the highway so I pulled over and called the closet family member and told them I needed to be rushed to the hospital. I had a severe anxiety attack, never felt anything like that in my life I thought i was taking my last breaths on the way to the e.r.

I Get to work that following Monday and was fired for not being "reliable" enough. I had all my hospital paperwork and everything they weren't concerned at all.

only thing they gave a *** about was me not making those runs for the day, not to mention this is a couple of weeks before christmas and i have a family to provide for. don't deal with these people

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