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I will also be filing a lawsuit against them since companies like this will just loot the poor.

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I bought a sectional for $800 and with tax + delivery + insurance for it, the total was around $1150. I asked the lady who drafted up the contract to make it such that I can pay off the entire amount in full without interest and she said ok, you're monthly amount will be $178 per month after charging me $344 initially which included the damage waiver, delivery charge, processing fees and tax.

Now after 4 months, I assumed I would have just 1 or 2 more payments to make but suddenly the balance on the sectional has gone up by $800. I was thinking what is wrong with this system? Then I call them up and they say because I didn't pay it off in full in 3 months, I have now "leased" the sectional, which will get paid off in 19 months at the current monthly rate, so I would end up paying almost 3 TIMES the original amount. I asked them why they couldn't set my monthly payments so that I would have paid this off in 3 months and their answer is they can't do that, obviously because they want people to miss paying it off in 3 months.

Their website either doesn't allow you to pay off more than your monthly amount and there's no reminder sent before the 3 months ends that if you don't pay it off now, you're leasing the furniture at this rate for 19 months till you've paid it off in full with interest. I will never buy anything from value city ever again, and I will give a bad rating to both value city furniture as well as them in the better business bureau.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Acceptance Now Cons: Being lied to and ridiculous interest, Anyting about the 90 days same as cash, Customer service or staff, Different explanations from different employees.

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You have to go to a place like this to get credit and you are now suddenly a big spender and will hire an attorney! Right.


Why not READ the contract BEFORE you sign it so you know what you are agreeing to?


I didn't go here for the credit at all, I just went for it because I could pay it off in installments which is always better.


This is currently happening to me. This is basically a rent to own company.

They really tricked me. What I’ve paid this WHOLE time is going to nothing because my balance is currently I’ve the original amount


It's a lease to own option. It's helps build your credit but you must understand how first


Not only that, they need to make their payments on time. You can be absolutely guaranteed NONE of these whiners even bothered to READ the contract they signed BEFORE they signed it!

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