What a scam, they lie, tell you things are included in your contract, (yes, with ADDITIONAL FEES), you will regret ever sitting down with these crooks for hours on end. Trust me, if it sounds to good then it is too good to be true.

How they havent been investigated is beyond me. I was told i could pay off my $1,100 furniture in 90 days plus a 12% fee to report to credit agencies that it is paid in full. Yet you cant pay more than double your payment in the first 90 days, so how can it be paid off? It CANT...so you're obligated to remain in a contract that will suck the life out of your paycheck for 17 months.

My advice to honest hard working people, put your money aside, until you can afford to buy it outright. They wouldnt let me put a large down payment down either..why? Because they want to rob you blind.

My eyes are now open to this scam. Hope they sleep well at night.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Store Location: Southbridge, Massachusetts

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They told me the same thing here In Oklahoma city that I could pay off early and after going through and speaking with corporate office there is not away to pay off early I was also told that Oklahoma doesn't offer early payoff for acceptance now customers. I'm really thinking about returning the merchandise.


Will they let you return the merchandise?


Yes, but no refund.


They tried it with me today. I told them I cancelled my card. They can report all they won’t my credit is shot anyway but I refuse to pay $3000 for a $1400 bedroom set.

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