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If you don't have the money, just wait until you have...If you cannot pay within 90 days, the interests rates skyrocket, if you fall behind for any reason, they send people to your house to peek in the windows and threaten to take your furniture, as well as call you multiple times a day.......If you run full term, you end up paying 5 times what the furniture is worth....Stay away from Ashley's Furniture if you need this type of program, Jordan's has something comparable that is both less interest, and much nicer to deal with....I called to pay off the Jordan's program, and they actually gave me a break on the balance based on the months left...Why end up paying $12,000 for a $3000 furniture set?....Stay away...

Review about: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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First of all there is no way these *** can take your furniture. Second if they peeping around my house they could get shot!

to Anonymous #1484857

Actually you are incorrect they can take your furniture. If you have not paid off your lease you legally do not own it.

You are in possession of stolen property. If you lease a car and don't pay for it do you think they are going to let you keep it?

See if your logic holds up in court. Great way to ruin your credit as well.


When you signed your contract was everything explained to you? Or did you just sign it without really understanding what you were signing?

I see this all the time you can explain everything and then all of sudden they say they didn't know, however the contract was signed. You can't blame a company for offering a service that gives you multiple options to pay off, it's up to you to know your own finances and be responsible in reading before you sign.

These programs do help people to obtain something that at the time they could not get. Stop putting something down because YOU made a mistake


No it actually is they charge almost a 50 percent interest rate and with fees can go up more I paid half down for a violin and only owed four hundred I just wanted to buy it before my check I paid the rest off it took me 14 days to pay it off and still I paid 1200 dollars for an 800 dollar violin !!! And now that it’s paid off they are trying to charge me a membership fee bahaha terrible company do not purchase from them ever !!!!!


there is no way you ended up paying 12,000 $ for a 3,000$ set. that is literally impossible.

even more so when the term is only 27 months .

tops you would pay for the set would be around 6000. try again.

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