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This was my second time using this company for furniture. I will never use this company again.

I highly encourage anyone to go through rooms to go credit company or paid in full. This company harrased me before my payment was even due called every number on my account. Very unprofessional consumer service.

There are hidden fees and they charge you per payment even if you make double payments. They make the receipts so confusing people barely know what they are looking at.

Review about: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Anonymous wasn't hugged as a child, I'm convinced. I pray they're trolling. No one should walk the earth with that much anger.


I don't really care what you say or think! How amazing is that!!

It's amazing how you all comment with an annoyomous names to hide your idenity.

You apparently work for should find another job, because it's bad when their own employees tell you the real deal with Acceptance Now. You should be ashamed of how y'all treat people.

to Crystal #1403375

You don't have the capability of an intelligent point-by-point rebuttal, do you? Your response?

It's the age old, immature garbage. I'm impressed with you sorry deadbeats!

I really am! The high quality of society!


To the first commenter...... Perhaps you should read this complaint again.

They CLEARLY STATED that they were harassed BEFORE the bill was even due. So before you go acting high and mighty keyboard warrior, READ the complaints thoroughly before commenting.


The ONLY reason they would call your references is because YOU don't pay on time! If YOU pay on time, their BILL COLLECTORS don't call! That's a VERY OBVIOUS concept which is quite beyond your intelligence level otherwise you wouldn't be here acting like a little child, stomping your feet for the consequences YOU brought upon YOURSELF!

to Anonymous #1401506

Lol no one is stomping their feet but if i did how would you know....are you a peeping Tom!!?? I mean aren't you suppose to be working or do they just pay you to sit in your *** and talk *** to everyone. My advice to you GET A NEW JOB!!

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