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I was deceived about the insurance I paid for, because in the end it paid two payments, but not until they ran me around for almost 6 months. During that time; the manager told me to hold off payments until they determined what the insurance was going to pay...so I did.

I was perfectly willing to continue but he insisted that they would pick up probably between 600-1000 of my furniture so I waited it out. During that time I was called for payments, and then told never mind after they read the notes from the manager. Finally after 6 months of waiting; they paid two payments of 150.00. I really couldn't believe it..total rip off of a service I had paid hundred for and they did not deliver.

I have since learned that they also reported me 30 days late. I called and spoke to the manager and he assured me they had not. I pulled my credit and it was a Rac reporting so he said he would look into it and called me back to see it was correct and they were taking measures to have it removed. I also disuputed it with the credit bureau and RAC informed them it was a valid claim.

So, now I feel lied to yet AGAIN. I called the office and got a very rude CSR on the phone and said I've had it...I've paid almost 3k for this furniture and I'm not paying anymore after this latest mess. She said ok, when should we come and get it. I said you know, it would be nice if someone could just apologize and she said nobody owed me an apology.

The manager said he had done a lot for me. Frankly, he did nothing but tell me how much he did for me. The DM? Same thing only he wanted to argue with me.

Then he started texting me. Really? This is how you handle your customers? So I opted to have them pick it up rather than pay them the final 1000 on furniture that has been nothing but a rip off.

I have been a good customer; a great account for them. I let them come and get it. I feel I would rather pay CASH for something I haven't been held hostage over only to be told as it walked out the door that I am still responsible for the remaining balance. I guess it's my fault for not realizing if I relinquished it was a repo.

I thought it was rent to own, but that is another division with the same name almost; to confuse the consumer. They have already dinged my credit; stolen money for insurance they never delivered on and even the final comment from the manager was that the average payment was between 400-1000. If that's the case they paid $350.00. Another out right lie.

I am a person who was impacted by a bankruptcy from my former employer and thought this was a good way to slowly rebuild my credit. I had no idea I would get a 30 day late for something they told me to wait on (insurance payment) and not they are reporting me as a repo. I called the corporate CSR number and was badgered there too; so please folks, do yourself a favor and if you can't afford to purchase furniture don't pay 3x or even 4x worth of payments that goes directly into their pockets and not your furniture payoff. I tried t make extra payments several times and they refused them, saying I had to make the equivalent of a full months for them to accept anything extra.

That, is another rip off and keeps you on the string. So RAC? Go ahead and hit me with another ding in my credit; I will fight back. I will make sure anyone and everyone I know will never get taken to the cleaners by you.

Your whole company prides it's self on helping people. No. You don't...you put people in deeper hole and I'm thankful that I have the ability to do as I need to financially, but after what I've been through there is no way you will get another 1000 from me.

To the rest of you out there....don't do it. You will regret it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Account.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Store Location: Spring, Texas

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Exactly!! They won't let you pay extra towards the principal because they don't want you to pay it off.

Even if you give them an entire extra payment it doesn't go to principal, not unless you pay it off. They are the worst company out there.

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