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This is the one company in all my years of employment, that I was fired from. It was told to be due to a customer complaint.

Which if you have worked in the customer service business, no matter how you try, you can not make everyone happy.

Although this supposed customer did accept the rental of her furniture with RAC Acceptance. Later, finding out from a customer that I knew (because of being a customer of her business), I unfortunately had her rent to own her furniture through RAC.

She went into the furniture store, going to the RAC office to make her payment, she had asked where I was, the manager at the time, actually told this customer that I was let go, because of my psychiatrist visits, and that I was Bipolar. Adding that it did not reflect in my work, just because they discriminated against me because they believed that I would snap! I turned the case over to the state, what a waste of time and belief in the legal system in this country.

I have been a very hard working single mother for 23 years, Never in my life have I been treated in this way. I have always had an outstanding work record. Believe me when I say this it is NOT a pity party, it is to let people know what kind of a company they are, and let me tell you first hand, if it can be avoided , do not sign a contract with RAC Acceptance, you will be paying and paying , you get the picture? Proof of unethical business practices.

Just one last thought, the manager that opened his mouth, well, he's no longer working for RAC Acceptance.

If you are not aware of RAC Acceptance, the actual company is Rent A Center, Do yourself a favor, go to Aarons, or use other means.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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  • Leasehold estate
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Hi – I work at Rent-A-Center and I regret to hear about your experience as a coworker on our RAC Acceptance team. I know that the company would want to hear more about this so they can investigate the issue and help address any concerns that you may have.

Please give the Coworker Relations line a call at 1-800-675-0825 with the details of what happened, they’re there to help in situations like this. Thanks.

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