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I recently went into the RAC Acceptance kiosk in Cleos furniture in Hot Springs Arkansas and happened upon Derrick Avant. He sexually assaulted my niece when she was locked up in the local jail.

What kind of people do they hire? He took her out of her cell, handcuffed her and put her in a broom closet. he returned and told her if she wanted extra food, she should be quite. Mr avant then began to *** on my niece.

Whay *** they have working for them. How does a company like RAC miss hiring a registered sex offender like this??

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I have had nothing but terrible experiences with RAC at the Hot Springs store. I have dealt with Mr.

Avant on several occasions and have witnessed his leery stares at young women. This man needs some serious counseling or meds to prevent the behavoir I have seen him exhibit.Mr. Avant kies to customers and doesnt follow up on promises to allow me to pay.

I guess this is the best he can do with limited education and immature emotional stability.

He probably was axed for inappropiate behavoir with a female inmate, I can only guess from the actions I have witnessed. ***



HAR! This is funny stuff!! There must be some validity to the clain of the OP for there to be so much defense of this dude, MAYBE he did and MAYBE he didn't.

But my money is on the fact he did take a woman to have a little "private" time with. wink wink


There seems to be some validity to thatguys claim. Derrick wasn't charged with a crime, just let go from his job because of an allegation from a credible witness.

Everyone is scrambling to coverup for him.Why? The area manager could lose their job? the district manager could be reprimanded? I don't know, nor do I care.

There needs to be a level of accountability for his actions and people need to be aware.

Posters 1-4 seem to be friends of the accused and are only writing about what they have been told,NOT the other side of the coin. Anyone remember Ted Bundy??????

a r

i find it *** that a website like this one would be willing to place themselves in a legal situation by allowing someone as this person that goies by thatguy to place a statement that could be construde as slander and not stop them, as for the person that posted this i agree with the other comments on this page and say that it is a childish mentality of someone that feels like they are the victim just because from what it sounds like they got fired. I believe that this company should be careful and worried that derrick might just find a way to sue them for allowing this person to place their comment on their website.


Ok this whole thing is silly and childish! Derrick Avant is a wonderful RAC manager and has done nothing to deserve being drug threw the mud.

Not knowing who posted the original post I will say this that the whole inmate thing was a rumor! Derrick was and is a wonderful person that cares about his employees, coworkers, and customers. How someone can post something like this is beyond me, you are talking about a man that puts everyone else before himself and asks nothing in return. To the childish idiotic person that wrote this grow up and stop trying to spread rumors that will effect someones life, job, and family.

We are not in high school anymore and there is no place for rumors! I am sickened to think of a ex employee being so jealous of Derricks hard work that you would take a low blow at him like this!

As for RAC Acceptance they do a lot of research including a detailed background check prior to even considering hiring a person. That is all from little ol me but beware to the person who posted the original message you will be caught and you should also realize that Derrick has a mound of people backing him up so whatever you were trying to accomplish will fail!


The original poster is a disgruntled ex-employee that has been doing his best to make this guy's life ***. Thatguyinhs was fired from RAC acceptance himself for a variety of reasons, most of which include verbally assaulting his fellow employees and using racial slurs, as well as threatening physical harm and trying to blackmail other employees.

Thatguyinhs actually started at Cleo's before Mr. Avant was even a RAC acceptance employee, and he was subsuquently shuffled to another store after confrontations with his fellow employees. RAC does though background checks before hiring.

Making a post like this doesn't help Thatguy save face after being fired for being so unprofessional. That's just his victim mentality looking for somewhere to place the blame for it when all he needs to do is have a look in the mirror.


Derrick Avant is NOT a sex offender and this post is many in a long line of harassing texts, phone calls, computer posts from an ex-disgruntled employee who has now opened themselves up to a class-action suit. Way to go...finally putting it into print. Thanks..

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