I bought a sofa and chair. After inquiring if 90 days same as cash includes anything with my credit report was told absolutely not. Explained in detail that I am in process of buying house through home buying program so couldn't have any inquiries or purchases on my credit; was told by (Evelyn & Tasha Ashley Furniture - Sawmill) nothing would be inquired or put on my credit report. FIRST LIE

SECOND, they over charge you even when you have receipts to prove you paid and balance should be lower but of course nothing you can do about it b/c they could report inaccurately to credit reporting agencies; which they did.

THIRD, even after you contact supervisors, store managers, dept. heads, etc..still not good results.

FOURTH, if you had a similar experience, please join me in reporting them to the Better Business Bureau so they will be forced to shut down.

Reason of review: ALL OF THE ABOVE AND MORE.

Preferred solution: For your company to shut down and stop lying, ripping off and ruining their credit..

Acceptance Now Cons: Nasty attitudes and strong arm in purchasing, Lied to repeatedly, False reports, Deceptive business practice, Being taken for a fool.

Location: Columbus, Ohio

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Hey We're with you there. We had a bad experience in the area too and they if you don't pay on time send some guys around in an unmarked van, No ID' No uniform,looking like thugs trying to collect money or the items...I won't go into detail yet but trust me I sure will..I'm with you if you want to do a complaint to the BBB and State Atty General's office. These guys are such crooks!


Sounds more like a lawyer needs to be involved also. Thanks I was approved and glad I decided to read reviews first..


I also did the rent to own for my bedrool set. I am going through the samething.

I would never use this company or recommend to someone. I can't wait til I am through with them.

I want to turny furniture in but feel like I would have wasted a ton of money so I'm trying to pay them off. They told me the only option is to pick up the furniture.


Hello, I work for Acceptance Now. We're disappointed to hear you you did not have a good renting experience with us and would like to speak with you further about it and address your concerns.

We never want you to feel mislead or disrespected.

Would you mind giving our Customer Care team a call at 1-800-422-8186, when you get the chance? Thank you.

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