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I haven’t had any specific issues with my furniture transaction. I paid it off within the 90-day period because I wanted to avoid the same issues heard/seen here.

However, I was very disappointed with the level of customer service. I received daily calls from different reps trying to get me to buy additional furniture- this was not made known to me that this would be the case. It was quite annoying to have to repeat, “no thanks” everyday. When I was preparing to finalize the sale through my online account, I was instructed to call the customer service number.

So I called the number and after waiting nearly a half an hour to speak to someone, I was told to call the store I bought the furniture from to finalize my account. I told them the website instructed me to call this number and had I known, I would have just called them in the first place. So I call the store I purchased the furniture from and it takes two to three phone calls for someone to pick up the phone (this was during their listed business hours by the way). I finally get a salesperson and he tells me I have to call another number for Acceptance NOW in order to pay off my account.

I was heated at that point because this was more of a hassle then I expected, especially for a paying customer. So I call the other number for Acceptance NOW and guess what? No one picks up during their opening hours so I had to call back a couple of times to finally speak to someone. I explain to the rep that I want to pay off my balance in order to fulfill my 90-day commitment and he tells me that I have to go to the store where I bought the furniture from so that they can receive the payment and issue me a certificate.

I was beyond pissed! I told him that there was no way that I was going to drive over an hour away just to pick up a certificate. I actually had to ask him to mail me the certificate. He said his manager would be sure to take care of it.

Now here we are a whole week later and no certificate or verification that we paid off our furniture. I had to call them back and the same guy told me he would have his manager mail me the certificate (note: he never explained why it wasn’t sent out the first time). I would not suggest anyone make Acceptance NOW their first choice for furniture. They really need to have a serious staff training from top to bottom.

This experience should not have been this difficult. It’s as if they didn’t want my money.

Sheesh! I won’t be doing business with this company again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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