I purchased from COWBOY MALONEY in VICKSBURG, MS. I will be returning my merchandise this week!

I've been paying 175.00 a month for a television for I believe almost 2 years. I sat down today and realized just how much I'd paid; so I sent my husband to pay it off. They told him the balance is 3,000.00! We have never missed a payment...ever.

The kicker is that this exact television costs about 900.00 in most stores today. We could have paid for the television cash; but the sales rep claimed it would "build our credit score" if we financed the thing. I ADVISE ALL POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS TO RUN THE OTHER WAY FAST!!

ADDITIONALLY, PLEASE DO NOT THINK THIS WILL "BUILD YOUR CREDIT" Now: It DOES show up on your credit report as a positive account; however it shows up as a RENTAL AGREEMENT or a RENT-TO-OWN purchase.

There have been several reports of collection activity and negative credit reporting when consumers attempt to return the merchandise. BEWARE!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Account.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Store Location: Nashville, Tennessee

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Biggest rip off lease ever.. I have been paying almost a year and have not got it under 915.00 dollars.

Plus all the downpayment of 270.00 dollars And the 3 months of no interest payments not even showing up on it.. I would not recommend Cowboy Maloney to anyone and it is a shame because they have some beautiful things.

It is a shame the owners would let this happen. Their ads are all for helping the customer.


You dont read anything before signing? its all outlined in the contract that you signed it


Exactly what I’m thinking if you don’t pay it off in 90 days your going to pay a lot more for it... you knew that when you got it but didn’t care at the time


Christiansen Davis, LLC is currently investigating alleged false and misleading claims made in newspaper advertisements and mailers by Aaron’s Rental in connection with merchandise for lease in California and Texas.

If you have leased merchandise at any time during the past two years from an Aaron’s Rental in California or Texas after having received an Aaron’s advertisement in the newspaper, by mail, or at an Aaron’s store and still have your lease agreement or other paperwork, please read this full article and read this disclaimer, and then contact us to let us know. But before

communicating any specifics, please wait for our response by telephone or e-mail so that we may determine whether or not a formal engagement is appropriate.


i have had the same issue. I've been paying for my furniture for a little over 1 year.

I've already paid what the furniture is worth by now. So a few months ago i called and they said the pay off was $800 or so. wasn't quite ready so i waiting 2 months and called back. Now the pay off is $1254.

How is it i still owe so much when i have paid the principle amount and some? I'd never do this again.They also tell you that you can't double payments. It's either pay the monthly fee or do the pay off amount.

What kind of company won't take extra payments? Again..i won't be doing this again.


So true, that happened to me, ! Exactly the same, in el paso texas, the people in that store dont answer the phone, make faces, paying 175 dollars for two years and then they say you still need to pay, i couldve paid to to but they give you that *** about credit building, PEOPLE DONT SHOP THERE!!! THEY STEAL AND ARE LIARS


Hi, I work with RAC Acceptance and I’m really sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with your experience so far. If you have any outstanding questions or concerns, or if you’d like us to provide any further clarification about your rental agreement please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-422-8186. Thank you.


i've called RACS directly and they say they can't access my account. I am always directed to the store.


That is the way the Rent to Own places make their money, by charging so much interest that people end up paying at least double for what they get at those places.

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