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not going to rant like i did in my last complaint. Started back in July to get furniture repaired like promised for last year, they came out in September to look at damage furniture yet again, promised to be out in the week to fix, that the parts for the dresser where less than 4 dollars at lowes, would order new couch cushions, bring new box spring old one board broke supporting it and also would repair the back of chair on recliner that was tearing apart.

Week later on the day he was scheduled to come fix got home to find only a box spring sitting in my living room, they called to ask for my payment, acted like they were doing me a favor, we refused, told them they could come get the ***, they said they were fixing and parts on order. We waited so long we actually thought maybe they got tired of our complaints and gave up and that we were going to be left with a house full of falling apart *** that we payed over 6800 for and still owed another 3000 original bill was less than 1800. Well last week of November get a call for a payment again refused until they fixed. first week of Dec repair guy knocked on my door to schedule an appointment at 530pm when I was home all day waiting for him, our appointment was between 12-2 and I refused to let them come late in day, was tired of being put off, I called the office at 5 to tell them forget it, so he decided to stop by and to ask for a payment I all about lost it and slammed door shut.

Ok this is my fault, the next week he came out to fix and was pretty upset because no one was home, I was at home till 12 he came about 30 min latter and my son did not answer the door. So we reschedule and oh the office called again to ask for a Payment. was told couch cushions were in and new back for chair. He came yesterday, came home to find new cushions and dresser fixed and no back to our recliner (he took the damaged one off, so really no back to chair) now just an ottoman.

Office called to tell my husband, called his work to have him paged to tell him this and Oh to ask for a payment

I have waited on these people to fix this issue from the beginning.

And they continue to drag it out really sick of it. They can come get their ***, do not care what it does to my credit...Why hasn't any one sued..I really am thinking about looking into class action

Reason of review: check all.

Monetary Loss: $6800.

Acceptance Now Cons: Poor customer service, Unprofessionalism, Lies.

Store Location: Rogers, Arkansas

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