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Woke up this morning with a second charge this month of 192.94. Being that I have to log on to my account and put in all my information to charge me I would really love to know how the *** you took another payment unauthorized from me?

I'm beyond pissed who do you think you are taking money from my account you were NEVER authorized to do. I expect a call immediately to resolve this or I will be at one of your offices as soon as they open.

I paid in full and then 3 days later you charged me again. Unbelievable I hope what ever *** did this gets fired.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $228.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Acceptance Now Cons: Everthing bad.

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Few things are as eyeroll-inducing as people whining about "unauthorized charges." No. You gave them your bank information.

If they thought a payment was due, they took it. Which you authorized by giving them your bank information and by signing the contract.


Your so *** *** apparently you didn't read or you would have seen that I said they charged me twice for the same month and no *** I didn't authorize the second charge. Being I have to put all my information in every time I'd love to know how they did it.


By the way my bank saw exactly what I see two charges day's apart same amount the later one was not initiated or authorized. So know it all your wrong.

Maybe you should learn how to read.

So whine your as* back to grade school. People like you are the dumb *** of America.


You are a dumb troll! You are probably wanking off to your own comments on this site, get a life. The poster has every right to complain.

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