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When i made the original purchase at Ashley in TEXAS on South I-35 over a year ago i was so excited to finally have a nice bedroom suit and mattress. But it has not been worth it with the amount of scamming that has been going on.

I have paid on it for over a year, paying over by $70 to $120 on each acct. every month. I called to get the pay off amount to just go ahead and pay it off because i was tired of dealing with it and only set it up as payments to "build credit" which was recommended by the sales person. but when i called up today i was informed that i still owe $2400 which was very confusing to me because the original balance was only 4500 and ive paid in close to $6000 over the past year but it was a small price to pay to build credit right...

WRONG...(so of my 6000 paid my original balance has only gone down 2000.... turns out the sales person lied big time to me. It is not a credit building acct at all and u are not allowed to pay off the furniture early it does not work like any other payment acct you have ever seen before. I was informed my overage ive been paying every month are going into a side acct and it will be given back to me once its all been paid off...

WTF. So here i was thinking it was coming off principal thus making the amount i pay towards interest the next month less and principal more kinda like a pyramid affect... so after i called up the store and was called a lier repeatedly because i told them it was never explained to me that way, but just the opposite. The RAC manager there was talking over top of me and telling me how i was wrong and they have never misled a customer i finally just hung up on him and once i found this site it proves im not the only one that has had the same problem being mislead.

Im supposed to get a phone call from someone higher up then the store tomorrow but im not holding my breath that anything will be done just another helpless consumer that is a little wiser now.

It is sad how underhanded this company is they can lie to you and take thousands of dollars and we have no recourse. But feel sure if nothing is done to fix this i will post on ever forum i can find about RAC Financial and Ashley furniture.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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For an item that I want to pay off in 3 months they want to charge me close to $600 on what they call leasing fees. I will only be renting it for 2 months, because on the 3rd month I would pay t off.

I am skeptical about the entire deal, and after reading some of these posts, I am considering cancelling.

There is no need for the added things they say is included in leasing charges. Leasing charges, but no interest, or finance charges doesn't add up to me.

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