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They told me that I would have a low payment with a small downpayment. Got me to sign and accept everything then I find out my low monthly payments were twice as much as they led me to believe as well as the downpayment.

Bottom line. I'm paying almost $5000.00 for $900.00 worth of furniture from Bobs stores. Plus they start calling me and texting me the day before my payment is due. They wrote down the wrong payment date plus theres supposed to be a 10 day grace period but the calls and texts start the day before the first payment day.

They suck!. They pretty much led me into the deal and by the time I realized what had happened I had already been pushed into singing and it was too late.

I thought I was buying but it turned out to be some lease to own scam. I'm paying dearly for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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There is no possible way that your down payment or lease payment could have doubled? You pay your down payment the day you open the contract?

You would have been told what it was right then and there same as your monthly payment which stays the same through out your contract? So your review doesn't make any sense if your down payment doubled why did you open account? What you pay in interest for your furniture depends on you the consumer, not the company. You are given the 3 options to payoff.

Again if you choose to pay every payment to the end then yes you are paying almost triple the retailers cost.

Everything is explained and in your contract you need to read it. It's not a scam it's business.


Why did you sign ? Did you not read the document ?

I'm sorry to seem harsh, but the very first word many babies learn is "NO" . It's just one syllable and is easy to repeat. There is your statement that QUOTE : "Got me to sign" ; how ? Duress ?

Hypnosis ? Threats of bodily harm ? What ? You may have recourse if you were intimidated, restrained, etc.

- otherwise, I bet you've learned a first new word .... NO.

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