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This was the most horrible experience I've ever had at any place of business. We went to Bel Furniture in Webster Texas look for sectional.

My son was applying but need a cosigner. I was asked" are you cosigning for him?" I responded "no! I'm having financial difficulties; I'm going through a chapter 13 right now." The response was come back tomorrow and talk with the other representative I have to talk to my manager. My sister and I went back the next day.

The Acceptance Now representative Sharon stated, before we even sit down; never complete an application, they didn't even know my name. My sister was told because we live together, she was not eligible to apply for anything tbecause of my financial situation. Sharon argued, scream, yelled and laughed at me and my sister while on the phone with other company representative including her district manager. I was being ridiculed because of my financial situation for something I never applied for nor agreed to co-sign for.

My sister currently has been employed for over 20 years on the same job, she has decent credit but because of our association she was automatically denied. We were disrespected, degraded and embarrassed because I stated I could not be a cosigner because of my current financial status.The store manager Nick of Bel Furniture and the two customer service never said a word and they heard the whole thing.

He only helped when I asked him for the corporate number and he stated "we didn't have anything to do with." But being the store manager seeing and hearing an injustice should have been his priority because it was his store; he should have stepped up. I will never go to Bel Furniture again nor will I ever apply for anything with Acceptance Now.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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