I went to acceptance now thru Ashley furniture and they said I was able to return the furniture at any time. Well I did and now I have a charge off on my account because they said we are never allowed to return furniture.

We are not rent a center and Aarons though they work with rent a center where you can return your furniture. She blatantly lied to me on the phone. She told me I was going into a lease agreement and could never get out of it. I told her that is not what I was told.

I was told this was a rent to own company. They scammed me and I told her I want my furniture back and she said once I return it I can never do the program again or get furniture from them.

I am ready for a class action lawsuits for all the lies and scamming they do to innocent people who just want nice furniture and make monthly payments but if you run into a problem there is no way out. Stay away from them they are deadly.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Take the charge off of mine and my husbands credit report. .

Acceptance Now Cons: Lies told to me.

Location: Erie, Pennsylvania

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Wow are you in the Same pickle with them still check your st statues regarding the lease or rent to own or purchase laws. In Florida they can't do that once you return you have 60 days from the date you returned the time and they wood have to return your same furniture or similar to.

And it is to be stated in the contract.

The corporate office based out of TX. Did think about laws that put in placed for company's like this one.


You are absolutely right they lies every chance they can get. They tell you anything just to get you money but never give you a receipt with the balancing remaining of what you owe. They constantly changing the rules you don't know what to believe it's like you giving them money to put in their pockets and it like you lease agreement balance remains the same


I agree. Too much lies. I started paying 176 and now I'm paying 288 and not notify of changes


Their most def. scam artists!!


Hi Anonymous Goerga, I am in the same situation you were in. Can we talk?

I'd like to know ehst you did and what the tedults were. I can be reached at lozo14@hotmail.com

Greatly appreciated


Having the same issue with the scammers! I'm filing a class action lawsuit in the state of Georgia.

If you are interested please contact. dmoore195.dm@gmail.com


I am in they are scammers Rk Bradenton fl


Hi can we speak, I'm in the same situation here in central Florida. My email is mdilan7979@yahoo.com


Hello! I'm currently going through this now. Can I reach out to you in regards to your results on the matter??


Hi! I work with Rent-A-Center, and think I can help!

The situation you described above is certainly concerning and we would like to look into what might have happened with your payments ASAP. Please give us a call at 1-800-422-8186 so we can speak with you directly, and see what we can do on our end.


YOU ARE LIARS you don't want to help!!! I called you and you said you would take less money and you lied...

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