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Acceptance Now resolved my dispute in a timely manner,in less than 24 hours, with excellent customer service. I ultimately will be returning to do business.

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After relentlessly trying to get an issued solved with this stores DEFECTIVE bedroom set,I feel like I have exhausted all avenues when it comes to trying to speak someone who can help. I contacted customer care,explained the issue,and eventually it was escalated. I spoke with the Regional Manager,John B., on the of March 13, 2015.

Effective communication may sound a little trite, but that’s because it‘s so fundamental to sound management. Ms. Bolton should take heed. When I arrived to the store on the 16th and explained to Ms.Bolton,the manager at STORE #5635,and explained to her that I spoke with the Regional Manager and that he did authorize the return of the defective bedroom suit and to rewrite my contract. She was very combative. She laughed and refused to honor it. In a condescending manner said she doesn't know "what John is doing because we're not making any money off of this." As I sat there floored as to how a "manager" acted so unprofessionally,she told me my best bet was to just call back to customer care because she said what she is going to do is "go over the regional managers head."

I did not take time out of my busy schedule to listen to her evaluate the regional managers policies and procedures! After being there for nearly an hour,we still could not get this issue resolved because she was trying to force me to pay MORE MONEY on a defective bedroom set before she releases me from the agreement. I have been trying to get this issue resolved since January people! The managers refusal to take the furniture back but yet still try to lie,manipulate and charge me lets me know that there is some unfair and deceptive business practices being done at this location.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Columbus, Georgia

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Hello My name is Raqual Woods and I have had a horrific experince with Acceptance Now. here is my story

On March 16, 2015, I went into Rooms to Go to purchase a living room set.

I was assisted by salesperson, Jason Velazquez. Jason was very helpful and attentive to my needs. Once I made a decision on the living room set I wanted to purchase, which was a 4 piece Haskett set for the purchase price, including tax and delivery totaling $2,053.26. Jason explained the various options of paying for the furniture.

It was my intent to pay cash for the furniture until Jason explained the various financing options. The options ranged from interest free financing for 4 years to 90 day same as cash. The financing I would be eligible for depended on my credit.

After persuading me this would be a great opportunity to build my credit, I agreed to have my credit ran to see which financing option I would be eligible for.

Jason explained to me that I would be eligible for their 90 day same as cash option and I would see the Acceptance Now representative located in the store to finalize the sale. Never did Jason disclose to me that this was a rent to own company. He represented Acceptance Now as a credit financing company much like the other lenders Rooms to Go utilizes such as Synchrony Bank and GE Capital.

I met the Acceptance Now representative, Juliet Echevarria, who very rudely, briefly, and hastily explained the agreement.

She explained that I was approved for 90 days same as cash financing and she gave me the date on when the 90 days would end which was June 14, 2015. She explained that an initial payment was due which was $333.76. The initial down payment I made was for $1185.27. At this time, Juliet told me that I could make monthly payments or if I chose to, I could pay in full before the 90 days end date.

That was it. There was no explanation as to whom or where I would make my payments. She was very matter of fact and acted as if I was disturbing her or keeping her from something more important. No other information was provided.

In April, I called the customer service number for Acceptance Now to make a payment.

I was informed that payments were not accepted through customer service and was directed to the Rooms to Go Clearwater location to make my payment. My payment was made with the Acceptance Now representative, Michael for $250. Upon receiving my receipt #00006126, I noticed that my payment was broken down showing $231 went to principal and $43.07 to interest. When I inquired as to why I was paying interest when I have the 90 day same as cash option, Michael responded that he did not know and I would need to talk to the representative who originated the loan.

I attempted to contact Juliet several times and left several messages with no response.

Mid May, I went to the Rooms to Go location where I made my purchase, to make a payment. Juliet was not in the store. I spoke to one of the sales associates with Rooms to Go and explained that I was there to make a payment with Acceptance Now.

The associate provided me with information where I could make my payment since Juliet was not in the office. The information provided to me was Synchrony Bank. At this point, I became frustrated with the back and forth and I decided to wait until the following month to pay off the remaining balance of $617.99 On June 11th, I called Synchrony Bank and spoke to a representative by the name of Linda I explained that I wanted to pay off my account. She informed me that their computer systems where down and most likely would not be up for the rest of the day; to try back the following day.

I then asked Linda, if I could make the payment on June 16th without penalty and still be under the 90 day same as cash option. Linda explained to me as long as the payment was made by the 16th that the above mentioned option would still be available. NOTE: I was referred to Synchrony bank by the Rooms to Go representative and at no time did the Synchrony Bank representative refute I was calling the incorrect company to make a payment. On June 16th, I went into the Rooms to Go location to pay off my account as per my verbal agreement with the Synchrony Bank representative.

I proceeded to explain to Juliet I was there to pay off my account. She gave me a payoff amount of $1798.94. I explained to her the aforementioned conversation with the Synchrony Bank representative; she then inquired as to how I got that information. I explained from the Rooms to Go sales associate.

She proceeded to “scold” the sales associates for giving me this information. She stated that the information I received was not correct and in order for me to pay off the furniture, I would need to pay the above stated amount. I attempted to explain to Juliet that it was not my fault I received erroneous information and I should not be penalized or made to pay another $1100.00 because her colleague provide incorrect information. She proceeded to tell me very rudely and abruptly, there was nothing she could however, she would attempt to contact (via email) the district manager, Alyssha Shire.

She received a response stating she was in a meeting and would return my call within 24 hours. I received no call. On June 17th, I contacted the customer service number for Acceptance Now and spoke to Jessica ext 3793. I explained to Jessica the situation and requested to speak with the district manager.

Jessica attempted to contact Ms Shire but was told she was in a meeting. Acceptance Now policy is if you call and they are in a meeting, the customer has to wait an additional 24 hours to receive a phone call. On June 17th, I contacted Jessica again and explained that I did not receive a call back from Ms Shire. At this point, Jessica stated she would escalate the call the regional manager David Pollack and he has 24 hours to respond.

I have not received a call. Acceptance Now and Rooms to Go are conducting business in a predatory and deceptive manner. It is almost like a bait and switch tactic. The information was not thoroughly explained or presented for what it was…a rent to own program.

I entrusted my faith and money in a company(s) that are not concerned about the consumer or providing customer service.

Acceptance’s only goal is to see how much and how many people they can rip off.


Hello! I work with RAC, and I’m sorry to hear about this!.

We’d definitely like to try and make this right.

Give us a call at 800-422-8186, and we’ll see what we can do to help. Thanks.


Hello! I work with Acceptance Now, and the issues you mentioned are very concerning.

We never want our customers to have an unpleasant experience in any of our stores. With the information you've provided in your posting, I've escalated your concerns to both the district manager and regional director for this store location. Our hope is that they can address these issues with the store directly. If you’d like to give us any more details about this, you’re definitely welcome to.

You can send us a private message on your Facebook page by visiting https://www.facebook.com/RentACenter. Thanks, and I hope this helps.


I too am having an issue with this same company that is located in Goldsboro nc at a furniture fair store. They are very unprofessional as well.

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