I work for acceptancenow currently. If people paid their bills on time, we wouldnt have to call their references or the account holder day after day because they are not picking up their phones.

We are doing our jobs just like any of you. You pay so much because you miss your 90 day price.

That is not our fault. Dont bash a company when if you worked for the company you would do exactly what we do.

Location: Warwick, Rhode Island

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They obviously hire non-educated people because your grammar is horrible. Get a real job.


I could never work for a company like yours. You people are the lowest form of humanity.


*** long black ***. Yes you do lie and confuse customers about the details of the contract.

My payment was due and stop there to make the payment. Lady told me my is not due until the following month just so i can cross the 90 day mark.

And end up paying 1000 more than the price of the bed thst was 2000. Mor furniture i ads part of the criminal activity too.sedewuf


Wrong!! My kid paid off his debt on time and they're saying he still owes.... ripoffs!!!!!


I'm sorry but the customer service reps are rude whether you answer the phone and talk to them or not. I communicate that my payment will be late and then am asked personal questions and given rude comments.

It really makes you not want to answer the phone yet I still force myself to let them know when my payment will be made out of courtesy. I have at least made my payment every month when I say it will be made even if it's not on the due date.

There's no reason to have terrible rude customer service just because my payment is late. You still have to be a professional.

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