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I am a former Employee of Acceptance Now Worst Company i have ever worked for. They treat thier employees as bad as thier Customers .

I would not Reccomend anyone to work or go to them for Furniture. They charge too much money for poor quality Furniture and if thier is an issue with damages oh there is nothing they can do to help except tell you to call customer service

Location: North Providence, Rhode Island

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Maria is the manager at Las Vegas Store ( summerline )Lied very an Profesional.. I bough a furniture for $499 and I wanted to pay for 3months only 90 days with on Interest my last payment was june 15th ..

When Im a bout to pay my last payment they told me my balance is $389 ...So They are not helping people to established there credit They ruining it..... So if any one see this do not apply you will be sorry!!!!

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