I had a family emergency and feel behind on my payments a couple of months. Acceptance Now immediately started harassing me, my family and friends, and employer.

When I called the store to make a payment and try to make a payment arrangement, they continued to harass me. They, initially, refused to accept my payment. I explained the situation and let them know I wanted to give them what I could and let them know I was working on getting more money together. After much BS, they finally agreed to take what I was offering, but only if I agreed to pay the rest of what I owed the next week.

I agreed, because it was the only way they would take any money and I wanted to pay what I could. They continued to harass me, stalk me at my place of residence, and threaten me with police involvement and charges. They discussed personal information with friends and family and continued to call, even after being told not to. Once I was able to get more money together, I attempted to make another payment.

This time I got in contact with the district manager, Carol Suda, in hopes that she would be willing to help me resolve the situation. She was extremely rude and condescending. She refused to accept any payment and told me that I needed to contact the police, because it was up to them if they could take a payment. She said there was nothing else she could do to help me.

The next day, I called customer service to try to speak to the legal department. After about 20 minutes on the phone, with a customer service rep, I was told that I could not speak to anyone in legal and was given an email address (legal@rentacenter.com). I have emailed the so-called legal department asking for documentation showing what has been paid and what needs to be paid to resolve the issue. I informed them that my intent is to resolve the issue and asked that someone who has the authority and willingness to help, please contact me to discuss options for settling the issue.

I am still waiting for a response. Regardless of who I talk to, they never have the willingness or authority to resolve the issue. They only want to call me a thief and threaten me with legal changes. If in fact they are using the legal system to settle their civil issues, this is a ridiculous use of law enforcement resources.

It's even worse, when someone is actually trying to work with them.

My best advice is to avoid this crooked, hateful company. The fees are designed so that you never pay the product off. I realize that most people turn to rent to own companies because of credit issues.

This company only wants to take advantage of hard working people and will do anything they can to do so. This company is unethical and run by ignorant people who hate their jobs and the world.

I don't know their connection to Rentacenter or Conns, but any legitimate company would be smart to distance themselves for this horrible company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Austin, Texas

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