This AcceptanceNow was offered as an option at The Furniture Mall of Kansas. When they explained that everyone was approved and it would help build or credit and we could pay it off as quickly as we wanted and with the total only being 700, and our payments being 150, we would have it paid off in a matter of months, so why not, right!?

So we paid the initial 136 dollars to take them (that we thought was going towards the couches).. And off we went thinking what a great company. Now here we are, we just went to pay our first payment of 150 dollars.. We got our printout that said "total of 14$ paid"..

Why? Because 136 of it is just for the "RENTAL" fee! And the initial payment, was just the first month's *** RENT! So here we have paid 286 dollars and 14 has gone to the couches.

These people deserve a standing ovation for mastering THEE ART of scamming. All the while they were smiling in our faces agreeing with us about how awesome this is to give people a chance to build credit and they aren't charging an arm and a leg, they forgot to mention we basically went to rent-a-center (where at least they have the decency to have their outrageous final prices displayed so they can let people decide for themselves if they want to let their wallets get RAPED). Not only that, but when we called to ask if we could pay them off next month so we could be done with this, they wouldn't answer us. Its crazy that they can legally do this to people.

By the time we finish paying this off, these 700 dollar couches will actually be THOUSANDS. And had they mentioned this little detail to us, we would have taken our money and ran.

Pathetic excuse for a company, pathetic excuses for employees. I am sure they don't lose any sleep thinking about all the money families are paying them for nothing.

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no one every told us it was a "rental" until now...tired of each person telling me something different each month that i go into pay them...they always say a different amount is due...RCA Acceptance @ Ashley's furniture in Tyler, Texas on South Broadway is a scam...


I am going through the same issure right now!


Glad I read all of your comments. I was thinking about going to the RAC at The Furniture Mall of Kansas.

Safe to say Im no longer going to spend my money at their program.

Never understood why people go to RAC to pay thousands of dollars for something that cost a fouth of what they end up paying. Save your money and buy it out right.


Hi, I work with RAC Acceptance and I’m sorry to hear you feel this way about your recent experience with us. We always want to make sure to explain the full terms and conditions of our rental agreements to our customers, so what you’ve described does not sound like the way we like to do business at all.

Please give us a call at 800-422-8186 as soon as you get a chance so we can get some more information and see what we might be able to do to help. Thank you.


Furniture Mall of Kansas trains their employees never to say R A C is actually rental you will pay 3 to 4 times what something actually costs

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