Clarksville, Tennessee
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Scam over priced *** 300 lap top and 2000 bucks don't do any thing with this company they rip you off

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You had the option to pay it off, at any time. The $2000 only applies if you paid all of the payments, and most people pay off way before that. Making all of the payments is just crazy.


I guess you will read the terms of the contracts you sign in the future.

If you had read it, you would see what your payments would total. How do you blame them for you not paying attention?


Hi, I work with Acceptance Now and am sorry you feel that way. We know that renting isn't for everyone, but for others, it’s a way to get the things they need in a convenient fashion.

We also offer different early payoff options, and things like delivery, set-up and maintenance are always included in the price. With lifetime reinstatement, customers can stop a rental and pick it back up at any time in the future without losing what they paid in.

We hope this helps give you some insight in Rent-A-Center. Thanks!

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