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I purchased a livingn room and dining room set from rooms to go that totaled around 2700. We put money down which included taxes and delivery and brought our amount due to 2300/2400.

Today i made my fifth payment of 230$ to acceptance now and asked her how much we have left. She told me i had 2,308!! Are you kidding me? 230 a month and only 20 is getting put towards the principle.

She told me 130 went towards tax. How much tax is there?? I already paid the tax the day i bought them. My husband and I moved iut of my parents during my 8th month pregnancy.

While we were shopping at Rooms to Go their lack of communication with each other i was pushed to the breaking point and got hysterical in the store. One location told us my husbands credit was approved and when we went to the other location they said our things werent on file. So once we went through the process again for the same thing we were sat down by the girl at RAC and sales rep from RTG. The whole time i am crying and she is telling me i can make these small monthly paymets and after 6 months i can pay the remaining balance.

We had the cash we just did this to build my husbands credit since he didnt have any. Now, $1200 in payments my balance only went down $100. I am outraged, unemployed, broke, and barely making ends meet with my husbands minimum wage and a 4 month old baby. With the 230$ a month acceptabce now is stealing from me i could put towards my rent or buy a car so we dont have to ask ppl for a ride everywhere.

Also, the living room set i got was one of the cheapest and its ***. I hope i can return all pf this and get all of my money back and i will never deal with them again!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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OMG!!! I was told the same thing read my review!!!!

Now, because of what I stated Jose is trying to call and see what I was told at the beginning and that he was going to call Mehgan to see what she remembers telling me REALLY!!!! RIGHT!!! then he asked me well, why did you keep paying... I said really!!!

I paid you 1874.00 I asked how much more I owe and I am told another 2000.00 So, I asked him was he going to give my 1874.00 back Jose: uhhhh no, we can't... I said "Then why ask such a *** question?" Jose says: Well ma'am I don't see where they notated that you were upset about he agreement... So, did you ever tell them you were upset? I told him he needs to do another in-service day with his customer service reps.

He also told me that they just recently added the name RAC to Acceptance now... BUT that RAC is their "SISTER COMPANY" he then wanted to go over the agreement with me I told him I had to go and that I was knew what he was up too!!!


Hi! I work with Acceptance Now, and can offer some insight.

Rent-A-Center is not a company to use when wanting to build your credit. We do not report our customers’ credit, therefore renting with us will not help nor hurt your credit score. If you are unsatisfied with the merchandise, you are welcomed to return the furniture or exchange it.

We recommended calling our Customer Care line at 1-800-422-8186 to discuss your payment discrepancies. We are always here to help, thank you!


Hi, I work with Acceptance Now and can offer some insight. When renting to own, it is custom to pay past the merchandise’s value due to the fact that we do not look at your credit.

Next, it is critical that payments meet their deadlines, of course, we certainly aim to collect them in a respectful manner. If you feel as though you are being harassed, we would like to speak with further and see what we can do!

Please give us a call at 1-800-422-8186 to discuss your situation further. Thank you.

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