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This company repeatedly lies. I would advise that you not do business with them, but if you literally have no other option then audio record and document every interaction you have with them, in person or over the phone.

First, when I called to pay my second month payment, I asked the worker to tell me the last day of my 90 day contract payment. He told me the 15th of the following month. When I called the 15th of the next month, the lady said my 90 day term expired on the 13th. My payment jumped over $500 because their employee lied to me. (At first I naively thought it was an honest mistake until they kept lying.) I complained and complained and they just kept telling me that he didn't tell me the 15th and if he did, it was my fault and that I should've paid closer attention to the date on my contract.

My second incident happened when I asked how much my payoff amount would be. That day I didn't have quite enough so I just made my regular payment and asked the guy how much next month's payoff amount would be. He told me the amount (it was around $900). The next month I call to pay it all off and it's suddenly $1100 or so. Again, I complain that the person said something different last month. Then the lady said something interesting. She said that both employees who told me the wrong information were no longer employed there. So basically, she admitted that their employees had either lied or made very costly mistakes.

Then, my last issue came when I made the payment to pay off everything that was owed. When I signed the contract at the store, the lady told me that even if I pay everything that I owe early, they will continue to submit information to help my credit score. This was important to me because I am a young adult trying to build my score so I can get a home loan. When I asked to pay it off, she mentioned that they would stop submitting information to my credit score. I realize this last bit isn't a big deal, but it just goes to show how they lie about every little thing. It was like she was trying to guilt me into staying with them for the help with my credit score.

Just please don't do business with these people. Just be patient and save the money to buy what you want.

Also, if you're only a day or two late on a payment they will harass all the contacts you give them until you pay them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Leasing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Store Location: Saint Louis, Missouri

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Hello, I work for Acceptance Now. We always want our customers to have the best experience when working with our employees, and it sounds like our level of service fell well below the mark.

That's never what we want to happen! If there's anything we can do on our end to make this right, please give us a call at 1-800-422-8186.

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