I bought a living room set after a divorce because of my financial situation. Wish I never did!! I was told when I bought it I could pay extra every month to get it paid off sooner, it was a lie!!

I knew I would pay a higher interest rate but this should be ILLEGAL!!!

I have been paying almost $160 a month for almost 2 years now and still owe almost what the original price was. I tried to pay extra to try and get it paid off, was told you can only pay a full month payment nothing less. Of course this is not what I was told when I bought it.

It makes so sense, whether I pay it monthly or 2 months at a time I still pay the same amount so why pay it off sooner?!? It is not fair and am really thinking of calling an attorney because if it is not it should be illegal to end up charging someone 3-4 times more than it's worth in interest and to make it so you basically pay the same amount whether you pay it one month at a time or 2 or 3 months at a time is ludicrous!!!

They take advantage of those with less than stellar credit and it's wrong!!!

Shame on them!! AND they say they report it to the chit bureaus so it helps your credit, well I checked my credit report and I saw NOTHING regarding Acceptance One and I've been paying on it 20 months and I was late ONCE and it was only a week late!!

Will never ever, ever use this company again! I'd rather sleep or sit on cardboard than pay these OUTRAGEOUS fees and be lied to about being able to pay it off early to save money was not just a lie to me it was calculated and cunning!! SHAME ON THEM!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Acceptance Now Cons: Lies told to me, Priceing method, Being lied to to entice me to make a purchase, Pissed off lied to false information, Being lied to and ridiculous interest, Not being able to pay off early to avoid paying original amount.

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

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You are paying for your bad credit. You had the option of 90 day same as cash, you pay the exact monthly payment then pay the remaining balance before 90days is up.

If you bypass it you go into your full lease to own option. It's lease to own (yes you will be paying double) the sooner you pay the remaining balance the more you save. This is legal, the reason for taking the exact monthly payment is because reporting to all 3 credit company. In the long run this helps you build your credit.

You miss a month payment your score does drop. Longer payment history better for your credit, and hey maybe next time you can get a real credit!

Plus why did you sign something you didn't understand? You have eyes to read the tons of paper.


Wrong, they haven't reported once to any credit reporting agency and I've called 1/2 a dozen times to ask sthe same question if I pay it off today what is the balance, it is the exact same amount as if I paid it monthly

So you can take your snide comments and go somewhere else, people in these situations don't need high and mighty people responding as know it alls!!

.I am in this situation because I was a paramwdic and hit by someone running a Red light while we were going on a call and flipped the balance 3 times!! I was a passenger so had NO part or Blane in any of it and had to go out on workers comp and back surgery.

WC only laid 3/4 of my hired pay not all my OT so I had to file for bankruptcy to keep my vehicle!!

So not all with bad credit are losers that just don't want to to pay our debts so take your attitude and go to another site!


Most rental-purchase companies are not affiliated with the 3 credit companies and do not report the payments, that is how they can offer "No credit checks". You may want to check with Acceptance Now to be sure that your payments will be posted to your credit score.

Also, when you miss the 90 days same as cash and your account is changed to a rental-purchase agreement, you do pay on average 3.5 to 4.0 times cost (not interest) of the item that you have. It is very unfortunate that a person in your situation did not have everything explained properly, but all RTO companies have industry standards that need to be followed and depending on your state, laws too.

You may want to look at possible legal action if they deceived you. I was a manager for 9 years in the RTO business.


That is so unfortunate that happened. Happened to me to.

It seems to be that the contracts that the company had created came out of TX. So if you live in Florida their are laws put in place regardless of the contract. Yes they can put what they want in their contract, but also they are supposed to put in what the law requires aswell. Go to RTOonline.com 573-275-6800 or look up statues 559.9233; 559.9235;559.9238; expectially 775.083; 559-9241.

If your not in FL. Look up your state statues for lease or rent to purchase or own. You may have a case, more than likely you do.

Good Luck. NO I'm not a lawyer just do a lot of research.


Because you are on a rental-purchase agreement, there is no interest accrued. The total amount is based upon the term.

$100 X 24 months = $2,400

Even if you paid for two months you would still have a balance of 22 months remaining. A rental-purchase agreement allows the customer to terminate the agreement at anytime, "No long-term obligations", and each payment renews the agreement.

This is how a rental-purchase agreement works.

The only opportunity you have at saving money is with the 90 days same as cash or if the company offers an Early Purchase Option.

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