I'm having the same problem does anyone. I was told that my purchase is a lease with the option to purchase.

Total was 3200.00 if I pay it within 90 days. Will I fell into hard times and had to return the furniture. Leaving a balance of 435.00 owning. Know they are reporting that I have a high balance of 8,936.00 3 time s the amount.

I call the corporate office and they stated that if I had returned the merchandise before going delinquent then I would owe the full amount. Then proceeded to state that they are willing to do a settlement offer of the amount. Why would I do a settlement amount for more than the amount owing of 435.00 why should I have to pay 8936.00 even after returning the merchandise. Even when you get financing for a vehicle and you enter a contract if you don't pay they repo, then the sell it and if they what ever the difference is of the loan they send you a letter to pay.

And only then they report that difference to your credit report. Not the full amount of the loan. Really the furniture has probably been sold to another. Person and still want 8936.00 That has to be illegal.

Is this happen to anybody else. Any advice, I'm seeking an Attorney. Pretty sure their is others out there we can fight them together. Normally I is the first 10 people in a class A law suite get the most money.

I know I'm in. Company's like this shouldn't be able to do this and feel they can get away with it.


Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Store Location: Tampa, Florida

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