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I am appalled. This company is FRAUD illegal illegal.

Soon these big companies that they rent space from will catch on to how they treat & what they are doing to customers & they won't be able to rent from anywhere soon. It reflects on the bigger company & will just lead to giving them a bad name . This company acceptance now as a whole is unbelievably appalling. I am shocked . The employees ...the 1st lady then the 2nd who wasn't even helping us in the 1st place, had never seen us but the 2 were scheming. Very unprofessional and absolutely beyond rude. I was very polite & overly nice thinking she'd change her attitude. Nope. I was qualified for 1600. Then 1500. & then $800. No more So the employees can change policy and serve who they want to and stop serving who they do not want to help. It's because I was paying my bill off in 90 days. So they were not going to rip me off Nope. So they were not going to make anything off me but a small fee . They don't like that they want to rip you off. You would think a company that wants to help you build your credit and give you the benefit of the doubt would be professional and honest and reasonable fees & interest . Giving people w bad credit a chance and in return this company would grow business . That is a lie wanting to help you build credit with all their unreasonable bs it

ditierates gets people down and makes it way worse for them WARN your family friend s strangers near in the store to stay away from them It is illegal what they do its a scheme. They will eventually go out of business and what's worse I see them going to court and having big lawsuits . I'm disgusted with this company. Absolutely appalled. Never go there do not go they are schemers *** artist

*** artists they are. They want to take everything from you. Degrade you humiliate you. Never have I seen a company so appalling and disgusting I wonder if they have a legit business license.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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