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April 2013 Bought Furniture at FFO in Rogers Ar, financed through Acceptance Now, 1770. was told 90 days same as cash best option, month latter tried to do 1000 dollar payment and told should wait till have all the money at once because payment would go towards interest.

Well the next month We had a huge medical crisis and could not get money together. My fault was not reading all fine print of contract. I did not know I was renting the furniture, that they were really RAC never did they disclose this. Thought because the finance person was in the FFO store they were FFO employees, sales person also led me to believe this.

We made monthly payments, 6 month after cushions on section started ripping so I contacted FFO and they said they'd order new cusions ( Aaron FFO salesman stated we had 5 yr warranty that would cover anything, we said even if our fault and he said yes. I clarified several times toake sure I understood, and said that's rely great since we have teen boys and dogs) also stated that sons new dresser draws were broken, Aaron came and inspected and said repair order replaced. New cushsians came in two weeks and I was very pleased. Here is were the nightmare started.

After a couple of months I called again about repair for dresser and was told waiting for parts to come in. Fast forward year latter back ioff couch material ripped, arm of couch broke,'130lb son sat on end of sectional and it broke and fell to floor. Called FFO and told they'd send repair guy out. Oct 2014 called again and was told oh

Acceptance now is responsible for all repairs because they bought your contract, so contacted acceptance and they gave me run around that FFO was responsible.

Back and fourth it went. I should mention that I had started making my payments late out of spite because if they wouldn't honor their contract why should I. Well the harassing phone calls started like clockwork several times a week to both my husband and I I lost my cool and told the new acceptance now guy Danny that I would not pay until they fixed everything this was Oct 2015! he said to take pics by now the new mattress set for my son box spring had broken wood broke in half so it bowed in middle.

Sent pics in Nov service guy came out looked at furniture and said couch was poorly made and box spring too and FFO needed to make it right and they'd order parts for dresser would be a week or two at the most. Week latter when called everyday for payment and I got irate Danny said oh parts are in and they would be put end of week to fix. Month latter I was told couch was discontinued and they were waiting for material from China. I said I thought parts were in( 4 new finance person said I don't know you were told that because they weren't they needed to send repair guy out to look at damage.

I said they have already been here we sent pics. She stated they had no record of that happening I told her we had every text message sent between us and Danny) all she could say was you need to make a payment today, I said I wanted to talk to a manager. Few more weeks go by she is still calling for money I continue to take my time and pay late, I tell her I don't care if it ruins my credit. Manager from RAC calls from Texas sounds like he's on our side.

Tell him I'm having major surgery Dec 19th 2015 needed it fixed by than he promised it would be. Too much more to detail Feb 2016 after fighting back and fourth they came and fixed dresser with 3 dollar parts they bought from lowes told me to pick out new couch but didn't have any sectionals for price I paid. Very pissed really didn't want anything from them at this time, got to store sales guy rude and condescending acted like I was getting something I didn't deserve, latter found out he was RAC manager so they said, picked out only thing in price range that looked decent wasn't happy. Payed FFO salesman $40 to deliver told RAC would pu old couch.

Week latter they still never came district manager called to see if I was happy after listening to my complaints his tone changed and basically told me they didn't have to do anything for me but they went out of their way and I needed to make a payment and all the late fees said he should eat those and I wound up hanging up on him. Still hadn't gotten new box springs or old couch picked up told I could dispose of it myself. refused to make anymore payments due to new couch cusions fraying no new box springs and dresser broken again cause not fixed right. That was April now almost October told them to come pu thier *** wants

Make it right I said let us out of contract have paid almost 7,000 for 1,700 worth of furniture they said can't do because we have 12 more payments of 350 to make still waiting for repairs.

switch and bait liars calls from new employees all the time because huge turn over with employees. Feel so screwed

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Bait and switch! FFO is terrible.

They are ripping me off!

What can I do?


Hello, I work for Acceptance Now. We’d be more than happy to speak with you about your payments and address your concerns.

We definitely want to make sure there aren’t any misunderstandings.

Would you mind giving our Customer Care team a call at 1-800-422-8186? We look forward to speaking with you about this.


I'll call you but would like to know where I'm calling and who I'm calling. The reason is we have asked several times to talk to a district manager someone in corporate and every time we get run around them we get a call out of the blue saying they are from corporate and they want to help us fix the situation all calls are with Texas area code, don't believe they are who they say they are because when ever I get a new person (because of huge turn over) I get either not sure who that is or that's a store manager or finance manager not corporate and was even told

they aren't in Texas but actullY based in area and make calls with that number which is corporate.

Let's see if I can name everyone firstgirl was nice can't remember her name . Left over a year ago, Danny (who one guy

basically told me there is no

Danny and said he didn't know what I was talking about and no notes referencing my complaints or a Danny) thank goodness the guy used texting methodwithmy husband and he kept everyone. Brooke, felt sorry for her because she was very sweet and tried really hard to take care of us, and managers over rode her on everything and made her look incompetant. Than came rude Ashley I think her name is or maybe I got Brooke and her mixed up she is now there in FFO Rogers unless she's gone cause got a new girl early this week who said she was feeling in.

Steve who said he was corporate and lied employee at Rogers store they said he's gone now but they lie about everything. I told him to never call me again to deal with my husband because I wasn't going to stand for him being a bully and talking down to me. Than mike who I guess works in Ashley store RAC manager, very nice at first unto I stood my ground than became an *** and than last Scott who said he was corporate in Texas but the one I found out just a manager here in nwa. We have been late I won't disagree and I have refused to make payment until it's fixed or they can come get it.

Ashley even called to threaten me with s repo. Scott wanted to know what would make me happy, I said I have paid almost 7000 dollars for ***. Still owe 12 payments on original furniture from 2013 and 18 payment on bed bought in August 2014. I told them to call it even on 1st contract I'll fix it my self and would continen to pay for bed and make two big payment to pay it off, felt only right since this has been going on since around July or August 2013.

Of course they are greedy and said no maybe they could take of some late fees told them to come pick up thier *** and if husband agreed to keep it id divorce him. I have been over the top emotional like a bipolar person but I have been pushed over the edge by this. I really feel taken advantage of and victimized. Righting off contract is right thing they have already gotten 3x what it's worth, said they would fix it everything right away that was sometime in August repair guy came out two weeks ago said would get right on it.

Thought they were coming Monday to fix everything all they did was drop off a box spring for sons bed didn't even take broken one.

Have ignored all requests but still call 3x a week for paymen.which I've said do not call me not going to pay until they fix or they can come get it. Of course not divorcing husband but mad at him for saying he'd give them chance to fix furniture RAC are loan sharks who might as well come break my legs the way they harass you


Re-read my posts and noticed all the misspelling. Did all this on phone and did not pay attention to auto correct.

Promise I'm not illiterate but was also very angry when I wrote it. Just very frustrated.

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