I am trying to file class action for fraud against them. If your interested contact me Swellington1975@gmail.com

Stacey wellington

Fraud threats harrasment financial loss is what i have suffered despite multiple attempts to correct on my own. Talk to you soon

Location: Baldwin, Florida

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Please let me know if this works out for you. They called my supervisor at my job to tell her that I was behind on payments.

When they leave a message on my cellphone they just say who is calling and a telephone number. When they leave a message at my work number they say your account is way past due and we want our merchandise back.

They harass me daily! Please keep me posted.


My furniture is broke down after just sitting on it and one part just sunk in I been paying on it since 12/9/14 the bill was 1,499 and I still owe 600$ smfh


I emailed you! Very interested!

My boyfriend is attempting to deal with this hoax of a company. It's a fraud! Please contact me. He continues to be lied to.

They have made several promises that a District Manager was going to contact him. He contacted customer care and they are also giving him the run around. His issue has supposedly been forwarded to the Regional but he still has not received a call.

They have also violated his privacy.

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