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Still a *** ISSUE.The beginning of this month almost 2 weeks before my payment was due I requested to have the furniture picked up.

I was going to take the loss and consider it a lease. Then they screwed around and didn't call me back until the day before my payment was due. Almost 2 weeks later after several attempts to deal with them directly. And my first post/complaint.

They has Basha who's the one I've been dealing with the whole time call me back. She said she found out that turning the furniture in will not affect my credit and that she made a mistake. But only if my payments are up to date so now I need to make one. Also I'm not sure when we can pick up the furniture so if it goes in to December you'd have to make another payment.

So my response is so you waited almost 15 days to respond to me and within that 15 days I had to call you back with in 5-6 days to touch base because you havent followed through and comminicated and then you still waited until after I filed a complaint to call me back with a solution and the day before my payments to when I requested on 10/31 to have you pick up this furniture. Her response is I know I'm sorry but the manager took forever to call me back I had to wait for him. I responded that I needed a date for you to pick up the furniture she said ok I'll call you back and will take care of the payment you're right this is our fault. This was 11/14/2015.

Yesterday I get a phone call that my payment is late and I need to make a payment. So today I am spending my Thanksgiving doing this... which frankly is some ***. These people are so shady it's not even funny.

I don't trust them with my credit and I have all trust in the fact they are going to screw me for their incompetence. I'm over talking to the store case they have proven over and over again that there will be no resolve on their end. Today there is still no scheduled date to pick up my furniture and we are 27 days in from the date I requested to turn it back in. (My Verizon call logs will confirm the many many many times I've called there.) And also the many many times I've called over and over to receive no answer on the other end.

Since they can't professionally and ethically resolve this matter I'm going to enlist the better business bureaus help. I'm now confident this business needs reported for unfair and unethical business practices. For trying to trick and lock me into this lease. For not being transparent with my account.

They still won't give me a copy of my account what I've paid what my payoff would be how much I've paid in to it NOTHING. I still only have 2 pages of paper work and no real copy of the agreement they said it would be emailed to me then Basha said "well you probably lost it". I didn't you only gave me 3 papers and if I did why can't I have a copy. No answer.

These people are crooks.Can't speak for all of them just the Falls Church VA location and I hope BBB can help me.

Original review posted by user Nov 1

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Location: Arlington, Virginia

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