Life happens and I couldn't pay off my balance for my bedroom set within the first 3 months. I didn't mind making the payments and after close to 2 years...

What would have initially just been a $1300 set became $2300 towards "interest fees" and $1600 left for the pay off balance. I figured I would incur the $5 late payment fee and wait to pay off my balance once I receive my income tax refund which was supposed to be the first week of February 2016... As instructed I did give them notice that I would be paying late. On 2/5/2016 I received a call from Javier B.

At RAC Acceptance Now located in American Signature in Altamonte Springs. I explained to him I meant to call back to tell them I was expecting my refund that day but the IRS hasn't accepted the amount and given a date just as of yet. I explained to Javier B. that I'd rather not pay $152 just to come back within a few days to pay off my balance in full and basically waste $152.

Now I was calm and courteous in the beginning. When Javier asked when I would expect to come in and make the payment I told the LATEST would be the 02/16 just because that's the longest I could expect the tax refund from IRS. He immediately started telling me that it would be too late and he would have to submit a request to his District Manager and HE was telling me it was going to be denied because the grace period ends the 15th and he "knows" and that's just how it is. At this point, I was getting upset because he's telling me that he has to submit a request(which I am fine with, there are procedures that needs to be followed) but he was telling me it was going to be DENIED because that's just "how it is" as he claims...

Like he's doing me some favor by telling me it would be denied. Javier said I needed to come in immediately and make my payment. Now idk if all thought just left his brain and he forgot what a late payment was but whether I could pay them that day or the next week It's still the same late fee charge. At that point I snapped.

I really asked him if they were gonna deny a full payment IF I was going to be late an additional day. Then Javier B presumed to tell me that I was not abiding by the contract that I signed and he was going to have to report it to the credit bureau. This whole thing escalated because this associate couldn't remain courteous? Like he had to flex his muscles or whatever he thought he was doing.

Because he couldn't reassure me and tell me as per his policy he would submit the request to the DM and outreach me once he received a response. Something quite simple. It's mind boggling to me how those who are in a customer service position don't know how to speak to actual customers. I told him I would be in by the 15th if not sooner so he can get off my d***.

His tone his persona just pushed me to my limit.

As luck would have it, I found out I will be receiving my refund in 5 days and won't have to wait till the 16th.

Can't wait to go meet Javier B. in person :)

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I don't recommend anyone to go through RAC Acceptance Now finance. They are bullies quick to threaten their customers and literally money hungry mongrels.

If you know for certain you can't pay off the item in 3 months don't even bother going through them. You'll end up paying 87% in "interest/insurance" fees and only 13% towards your actual balance, which will almost triple your pay off balance.

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