Everyone here seems to be pretty upset with acceptance now. However it seems as if everyone here did not read the contract before they signed it.

They tell you that you have 90 days same as cash and after that they charge finance charges which will triple the amount of whatever the total purchase is therefore if you cannot pay it off in 90 days then you shouldn't buy it.

I was very pleased with my bedroom set and chidrens dressers and paid off my $2000 debt in 3 months. I guess the moral of the story is get what you can afford or leave it on the show room floor.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Location: Clementon, New Jersey

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That's 100 percent untrue! We put down 300 and paid every month on time!

Our final payment is due September 5th and low and behold their numbers do not match mine. I owed 394 and they are trying to charge me 781.

I read the contract and sat with an employee to make sure we were on the same page prior to signing ANYTHING! I am going to consumer affairs and attorney general Monday for them misleading.


One of the things I would suggest if you can not pay it in the 90 day period, is to have in the contract the total amount you will be paying during the lease, along with how long the lease will be.


Hello, I work for Acceptance Now. Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback and write us such a positive review. We’re so happy to hear how pleased you are with your bedroom set and children's dressers, and hope to see you back in our store soon!


Just bought a mattress today from them but now I'm scared as heck. I was all excited once I was approved really thought I did something.

After reviewing my contract thank God we only got a mattress and nothing else because God forbid you go past 90 days..you screwed. Not to excited about Grand furniture but one thing for sure ain't no shady mess with them.

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