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This is a total scam when signing up make sure you ask if you really getting a chance to pay for what ever you buy in 90 day. A bought a bed room set for a 999 with tax and their so called charges came up to 1400 I call and ask if I could pay more than my monthly payments the they told me their system does not let them do it.

What they do is force you to go into the 36 month payment plan so you pay 3 times the amount.

Before you sign check and see how much you are going to pay at the end of the 3 months it's the same amount you got it for in the first place I guarantee. And there is no way you can avoid it

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Hello I also work for acceptance now and you are incorrect, you just don't understand the program. If you choose the 90 day option you only pay a 12% interest off the retailers cost of the furniture.

When you open the contract you are given a monthly payment amount for the lease term with the option to pay off within 90 days the best way to do this is to make your regular payment for the first 2 months the pay off the remainING balance in the third month. If you prefer you can double or triple your payment if desired you just can't make random dollar amounts. If you can't pay within the 90 days you also have the option to pay off anytime before the lease ends at a higher interest rate . You would be given a schedule which gives you your balance for each month.

Yes if you make every payment to the end of lease you are going to pay almost triple. However this is true for mortgages credit cards car payments etc it is a business also you are getting brand new furniture with several payment options so where is the scam


I call *** I tried making double payments on my loan thru u and I was not allowed. The system wouldn't allow it.

This is such a terrible company.

Right now I'm fighting because I declined the insurance but I am being charged for it. Scammers that's all this company is.


All I can say is Please!! Please!! pay off in 90days if not your paying triple the amount and the sad thing is if you pay off earlier than your lease term they don't knock off any charges unlike the lady stated above t ht works for acceptance when I paid my car off earlier they knock off finance charges acceptance however do not when I say Ashley Furniture needs to handle business with another company please spread the word cause iam


Yeah it's totally scam!!I should not buy a furniture here on acceptance just late payment For seven days and they charge you $20 fee!!!


We had the same experience.


Hate I fell prey to these scavengers...Definitely not worth $$ you can't get thE same things by lay away or saving$ & just sacrifice till you can get it on your own




Hi, there, I work with Acceptance now and I’m sorry to hear there might have been a misunderstanding with your account. We always want to make sure to fully explain all of the details of our contracts, so if you still have any outstanding questions or concerns, please give us a call at 800-422-8186 and we’ll be happy to help you out. Thanks!


The most horrible customer service ever!


There is no MISUNDERSTANDING. This program is built to prey on people with bad credit.

I did an investigation prior to allowing family members to get sucked in. The original poster is correct, at the end of 3 months, the original price is the balance. What a shame on you.

I advised them and anyone else to either put the furniture on lay-away, save up for it or look on Craigslist or garage sales before using the program.


Theres no misunderstanding you prey on ppl trying to better their life who have no credit and want to have things. You give ppl a false sense of helpful options.

Meanwhile your scamming. How your even in bis this way is ridiculous to me. Trust and believe anyone that ever talks about you i will put them on to your tricks. Btw your customer service?

What a joke. When you call they out you on hold for 20 mins, then when you ask about a balance they act like your bothering their life. No your busy ive been to the stores plenty of times your all sitting there texting, and talking about tv shows. Acceptance now my bill jacked up its fine ill pay it.

Just know that i will make sure to blast you on social media.

I will make sure everyone i ever encounter knows the truth. You are ***.


Sign the petition for BBB against them. I also am a victim and was led on by signing documents.

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