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I purchase a bedroom set for my daughter in march this year from acceptance now which was the biggest mistake. I purchase from Value city furniture in Dearborn, Mi which the Sales person convinced me to go through acceptance now with the 90 days same as cash program.

That a joke. My daughters bedroom set came to $529 plus 100 delivery fee. I put a down payment of $238 March 15, 2014. My first payment was due April 15 (which I was laid off).

I contacted Acceptance now sales associated by the name of Asia informed me i was informed in a program that if o became unemployed I would only have to pay 12.99 and they would cover the rest of my $92 a month payment. Provided acceptance now all documenation required (proof of unemployment, documentation from current employer etc). Two weeks later another associate from acceptance now calls me and informs me that I am not eligible for the program and my payment is late and the remaining $80 of Aprils payment needs to be paid immediately. By this time it is early May so i go and make the remaining $80 payment for April.

The associate informs me as a coustesy for being misinform my $90 same as cash agreement will be extended 30 days. In June 2014 a New Managers a gentleman by the name of Carey calls me and informs me is is the new manager at the store and to inform me that my last payment of $234 needs to be paid or the 90 day same as cash agreement will default and i will automatically be switched to a 12 month agreement (which is double the amount of the furniture). I informed him of the extension that was made by the previous sale associate. Early June i visit Acceptance now in Dearborn, MI to go and make what I thought was my last payment of $234.

Remind you Carey they manager I spoke with on the phone a few days prior assisted me with the payment. After payment was received this man had the nerve to tell me my remaining Balance was $221. We went back and fourth for atleast 45 minutes in this store regarding this total. $529 (total cost if furniture) + $31.74 tax + $100 delivery fee=$660.74 -238 (down payment)-12.99 partial payment for April- $80 remaining April payment and $234 June payment.

In total from a bill totaling $660.74 I paid$564.99. I don't. How they came with a balance of $221. I requested to speak with a higher manager with Carey informed ne the District Manager Amanda would give me a call.

July 2, 2014 I had yet ro receive a call from the district manager Amanda so i called them. Another associate informed me she would email Amanda. Long story short it is now December 2014 and Amanda has yet to return my call. On top of that they call me every other day asking me to make a payment and have recently started harrassing my references.

Why should i make another payment until this issue gets resolve. I have inform Acceptance Now i will definitely pay you what is owed which is $95.75 but not $221. Manager declined and states full payment needs to be made.

And on top of that Acceptance Now was recently added to my credit report for $995. Just Ridiculous.Biggest Mistake........

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Hi, I work with Acceptance Now and would like to provide assistance. We apologize that none of your calls have been returned.

Please give us a call at 1-800-422-8186 to discuss the matter in detail and resolve your payment inquiries. Thank you!

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