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Acceptance Now Appliance Leasing Review from Oneida Charter Township, Michigan 2 of 2 people found it helpful
The most worse company I could ever do business with.Every time I called got a different story. They changed the there terms over night. They say same as cash in 90 days that's a lie. Will not allow you to make more than one payment a month. So they can charge u the extra finance. Was told he will waive the payment fee of 1.99 then changes it any way then day I meant too say I can't waive any thing. Just Bunch of bull ***. Will never tell people...
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Acceptance Now Appliance Leasing Review from Affton, Missouri
Acceptance Now Appliance Leasing Review from Affton, Missouri
Acceptance Now Appliance Leasing Review from Affton, Missouri
Please I would like someone from corporate office to contact me ASAP I was lied to and I do not like this how come I'm financing $1046 and all of a sudden it turns out to $7700?? In three months??? Please my email as you can see on pictures we decided to purchase a fridge cash and the rest finance but the sales associate did a miss calculation and is charging me the 10% for the full purchase as 3,046 when I'm only financing...
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I would like to have my account clarify I purchased appliances the total amount was 3,046 so we pay $2000 which was the fridge and we decided to finance the rest $1046 with the 10%will be 1146 so now the sales agent says that I owed $1500? Why if I paid for the fridge cash im only financing 1046 she still charges me 10%as if I owed $3000? Plus on my credit report shows 7,750$ for a microwave and stove??please contact me at your earliest...
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I didn't like
  • Fraud oriented 90 day policy
  • Prices
  • Differents balances given by associate
Just called RAC in stock bridge ga.What a bizarre experience. Spoke to 2 salespeople and a supervisor. My only question was how much of my payment goes towards my balance each month. They were 0/3 answering. Kept refering me to my original EPO, which was expired. It was like speaking to 3 clones who were determined to answer me without answering me. I had paid a little extra in my first 3 months to pay off early and was told that since i did not...
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I liked
  • No i dislike their business
We had the paperwork REFUSING the Benefits programs and we were still charged us for a whole year because we had signed up for automatic payments. Then when we complained about the benefits they say "well you should of caught that" NO REFUND" We tried to make triple the payment so we can pay off early and they tell us that not allowed. We tried to pay 1000.00 to lower the months and they tell us thats NOT allowed. Our due date is the 15 and...
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This is an illegal financial scam that lures many people.Your $600 stove will end up costing you $2000 over time and if you are late with any payment, policy is to call you at least 3 times a day at home, work, your mamas house, your boss and anywhere else. I highly recommend avoiding this company.The benefits are not worth the trouble.
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The Acceptance Now rep lied to and deceived me. I was told that I had a credit account, not rent to own. I have been paying an extra $14 per month for what, I have no idea. When I inquired about this I received "everyone pays it" as an explanation. I was not told that I did not pay the merchandise off in 90 days that I would incur a fee. Again, I thought I had a credit account, not rent to own. .
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This company is s ripped out.They are hiding under another company rentacenter and the phone calls are unreal. I am paying for a refrigator that cost only 500.00 I am pay thre times for this thing. I will never but again from them. I owe 700.00 more dollars. Something got to be done. I see a lawsuit coming on them. To me this is price guaging. I hate I ever did this. Never again and I am telling people don't go that way.Taking avantage of poor...
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