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I used acceptencenow recently and as I made my fist down payment of 155.23 I then realized they didn't add a table. So it was added I was sent back to the sales employee to redo the agreement as I did this he then b tells me I need to put down another 125.00.

I only added 350.00 to the order. How is it possible that it can go to 125.00? Well I had them explain to me because I had just paid off one of the items I bought . Well that's not the case at all.

He explained that delivery us free but it's a tally 99.00 plus tax. 125.00. So he adjusted the furnature price to *** the 125.00. Very confusing.

Makes no sense either. Why say free shipping gb if it isn't really free. Right? So after much discussing this matter and coming to th e conclusion it's just *** the way they did it I was ok with it.

But then going onto my order and if the 115.00 is applied it does not show. So have I n just given away 115.23? The associate even informed me I won't see this. Why I have no idea he didn't explain that.

I do know It better have been applied. I feel as though they take your money and pocket it. I would e just picked up my furnature for free in the 1st place had I known they were going to t are all the cash I had that day on me. It's completely backwards the way they do things.

So then I needEd a # to get in my account I did not have. They gave me that st the store but when n I make my 1st payment which by the way is before they even have delivered my furnature. A joke right. No its not.

Ridiculous is what it is. But I better have a credit of 115.23 or me and value city will have a problem. Also I paid 5 hem cash g or a couch. $900.

I decided after reading bad reviews on all of them I wanted my money back and I'd buy it somewhere else. Well I got a refund alright. In 20 days I'll recieved a check . It's easy enough for them to take your cash but they won't give it back.

It's store policy is what I am told. It's a rip off. Then they refunded money on top of that to my debit card and it has yet to be retirned. They say 3 days.

It's been 5. No money yet. Luckily I have my refund reciepts if neccesary. She told me take it up with my bank.

No I'm taking it up with you, value city. Return from where you took. They love to grab that cash and not return it. Beware using debit/credit or cash in this store.

They keep what they can or think they can get away with. Pus their couchs are don't buy one.

I ot stuck with the livingroom tables because their solid wood .

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Store Location: Baden, Pennsylvania

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